Halle Berry Dating: The Mystery Man Revealed

Halle Berry dating someone. But Who? Do you know folks? Well, the actress just let us know the identity of her mystery boo in a cheeky way. Before this Halle was on a dating hiatus, but for some time she had been hinting about a mystery love. This has left her fans speculating. Well, the mystery has revealed Halle Berry had confirmed the identity of the man she is dating.

Recently the 54-Year-old actress posted her picture on Instagram in which she had on a T-shirt with singer Van Hunt’s Logo. Cheekily she captioned the picture” Now Ya Know”. Yes, we do Halle! and we are excited for you. The caption also paid tribute to a previous post by adding Foot emoji in the Caption. Back in July Berry had shared a post of her feet next to that of a mystery Man. Well, now we know who Halle Berry dating.

More About Halle and Van

It seems Hunt also couldn’t help himself, in August he had shared a post of a woman kissing his check who looks eerily similar to Halle. But it seems like the relationship is quite new as Halle Berry dating is kind of a shock to fans.

Halle Berry dating
“Halle Dating Van Hunt”

In April Halle was on a dating Hiatus and had shared in an interview that she wanted to focus on her two kids.  While she also admitted that she will get back into the dating game, she first wanted to find herself.

Hunt has a successful career as a musician. He had released debut Album back in 2004 it was titled, Van Hunt. Then following the release in 2006 he presented another Album.  In 2007 Van had won a Grammy for best R&B for being a part of a tribute version of the song “Family affair”.

Before this Berry had been married to French actor Oliver Martinez and Maceo is their adorable son. Her 12-year daughter Nahla Aubrey she shares with her ex Gabriel Aubry.  Well, whatever it may be but we are happy for Halle.

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