Heating Up: The Infinix Hot 9 Launch Event

Infinix Hot 9 Launch Event

Infinix plans to drop some major deals on 29 May 2020. Scroll through Infinix’s social media pages and you’ll be sent to Flipkart right away. A blurred, teal and black gradient draws you to the Infinix Hot 9 launch event, standing in the spotlight.

Pan down further and beautiful people appear on the Infinix Hot 9’s sharp black surface. The very bottom reads, “Come Back Tomorrow for more hot reveals”. How exciting.

The Infinix Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro will make their way to Flipkart on 29 May 2020 @ 1200 hrs IST. But what can we expect?

Mr. Worldwide

Infinix is Hong Kong and France working to achieve big things. The company currently sells mobile phones in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Infinix Hot 9 first launched in Indonesia in March of 2020. Hot 9 Pro will accompany it as a more elevated version of the Hot 9. We’ll take a look at those differences later.

Styling and design

Infinix Hot 9 Launch Event
Infinix Hot 9 Launch Event

The Infinix Hot 9 was first teased on its social media channels on 20 May 2020.

Word on the web is the Hot 9 will go for prices starting from Rs. 7,999 on its launch date, similar to precursor Hot 8, but lower than initial launch price in Indonesia (Rs. 8,600). The Hot 9 Pro will contain a Quad Cam, similar to several newer Android models on the market.

If the Hot 9 Pro is true to reviews and bears the deluxe 48MP rear camera, it should go for a slightly higher price than the Hot 9.

With a bezelless design and punch out camera notch, the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro will give off the dark, mysterious feel of more high-end smartphones. The Hot 9 will come in a matte black, cyan, violet, and light blue, two more colors than the Hot 8. Unlike other devices, a fingerprint sensor will be located on the back of the Hot 9 for ultimate discretion.

Details on Infinix’s official site reveal the Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro will feature Artificial Intelligence camera technology that senses and gauges light and adjusts images accordingly. The device will also feature “Bokeh”, named for the Japanese word for “blurry”, that adjusts backgrounds in relation to the focus of images.

Suited to Youth

Infinix seems to target young consumers with a durable lifestyle product for a low price. Back in 2017, the company even formed a partnership with the Mumbai City Football Club owned by Ranbir Kapoor to reinforce values of fitness and performance.

Infinix is known for several lines of moderately priced smartphones. They are:

  • Infinix HOT (budget line)
  • The Infinix S
  • Infinix Note (bigger sized devices)
  • The Infinix Zero


The Hot 9 is set to thrill us. With a 6.6″ display, the device is slightly larger than the Hot 8, released in September of 2019.

The Hot 9 will run on Android v10.0 with a 5,000 mAh battery. It is equipped with 128GB of storage and up to 256GB of micro SD card storage. The device will be powered by a MediaTek Helio A25 chip for high performance for a low price.

Like many Android devices on the market, face and fingerprint unlock features are included.

The Hot 9 and Hot 9 Pro are rumored to deliver stellar audio through DTS Audio technology, so high quality photo capabilities don’t go unmatched. The Hot 9 will have a 3.5 mm audio jack and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities.

Hot 9 takes what was once luxury and brings it to us in a versatile, everyday form. Tune in to Flipkart to get the most of the launch period!

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