High school students discovered four Exoplanets, including a super-Earth planet

Students discovered Four Exoplanets :

High schoolers Jasmine Wright, 18, and Kartik Pinglé, 16 Aced the Research program when found 4 Exoplanets. These Students discovered Four Exoplanets, as they participated in a Research program called SRMP ( Student Research Mentoring program), Harvard and Smithsonian, the center of Astrophysics. This allows students interested in this field to have on hand experience working with renowned scientists.

This program has paved the way for many students. However, High schoolers that joined this research is a big achievement in itself, and they can say that they have actively taken part in this astrophysics program. But no student Students discovered Four Exoplanets, let alone publishing research papers. Therefore it is really a big achievement for these High school students.

There are many Exoplanets discovered throughout the years, but finding all 4 is such a remarkable victory that to including brightest sun like star and super-Earth planet. Both Students Jasmine wright and Kartik Pinglé have Co-Authored a review paper on their extraordinary discoveries in The Astronomical Journal.

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How High school Students discovered Four Exoplanets?

Students discovered Four Exoplanets
Students discovered Four Exoplanets With the help of TESS

Since Kartik and Jasmine’s planet discovery came to light, this question is trending. So let’s find out how these youngsters have managed to publish research papers at such young age.

They did this wonder in the mentorship of Tansu Daylan, postdoctorate, MIT Kavli Institute. Students researched Data from TESS (Transiting Exoplanet survey satellite), as the name suggests one and only goal of this satellite is to discover new planets.

Kartik explained, If a planet moves around the star, it would eventually cover up the star decreasing the amount of light that happened. And to their surprise, it Was not one but four planets. Orbiting around a brightest star called TOI-1233.

Students discovered Four Exoplanets, which was their and team’s ultimate goal but this discovery has definitely surprised them. And they couldn’t be any happier.

Highlights :

  • Students discovered Four Exoplanets, participated in SRMP.
  • They have not only discovered these planets including super-Earth but also co-authored a Research paper.
  • It is really a rare discovery for high schoolers.
  • Both students Kartik Pinglé and Jasmine wright are happy with their achievements and wish to pursue their career in this field.

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