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Home schooling is a growing movement around the country and the world. Many parents prefer to homeschool their kids rather than sending them to Private or Public school. Home schooling is also called home education. It is usually conducted by a parent, online teacher or tutor. 

“Home schooling” , is the word commonly used in North America. “Home Education” , is used mainly in Europe, United Kingdom and in many commonwealth countries. In many developed countries, home schooling is a legalized alternative to public and private school.

In 1980 , Holt said, 

           “I want to make it clear that I don’t see home schooling as some kind of answer to the badness of schools. I think that the home is the proper base for the exploration of the world which we call learning or education. Home would be the best base no matter how good the schools were.

Reason Why Parents Prefer Home schooling

  • Make a change from a negative school environment.

Many parents are concerned about bullying. In a National Household Education Survey conducted by the U.S Department, 26% parents give a negative environment at school a major reason to homeschool their children.

Homeschooling removes psychological and physical treatment that happens with bullying.

  • Get a Higher Quality Education

Homeschooling gives parents an upper hand over what their children are learning. Parents can use a state approved curriculum and provide personalized instructions to their kids.

  • Improve Children’s Social Interaction.

While most schools spend a major amount of time in classrooms. Homeschool students with a flexible curriculum can visit museums or participate in community services. It also helps in improving Emotional and Psychological development .

  • Support a Learning Disabled Child

With limited resources and time, it becomes very difficult for children with learning disabilities to get specialized instruction.

Home schooling gives you access to more specialised education tools to help kids to gain knowledge they need.

  • Educate Children during family relocation to another state or country.
  • Parents want to create a fun learning environment for their children.

Home schooling in India

As per the universal declaration of Human Rights , ” Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”

The most recognised method in India are :

  • Montessori method
  • Unschooling
  • Radical schooling
  • Waldorf Education
  • School at home ( Most traditional method)

Many homeschoolers follow education method at home through:

  • CBSE
  • NIOS

 In Maharashtra, the government launched “OPEN SSC BOARD” on 10th January 2019.

It helps students from class 5 to class 12 to benefit from homeschooling. 

Some Prominent Internet resources for Homeschooling:

  • Alternate Education India
  • Pune Homeschoolers
  • Swashikshan – Indian Association of Homeschoolers
  • Cascade Family Learning Society 

Media Reports about Homeschooling

In recent years , many homeschooled pupils in India have made a mark by getting accepted into prestigious institutions like IIT and MIT.

Some prominent homeschoolers include education entrepreneur Satya Narayan R. founder of the “Career Launcher” .

As many as 15,000 Indian families have decided to homeschool their children. Safety has also become a prime reason for the parents.

Requirement for Home schooling

  • Willingness to Learn

Since most parents are not teachers they learn a lot about teaching methodology. They learn more while preparing lessons for their children.

  • Discipline

Parents should be disciplined. they are responsible for allocating the amount of time they spend on their children’s education.

  • Time

Homeschooling requires a major time commitment. It requires a good portion of parents’ time required for teaching their children.

  • Hard Work
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • An Adventurous spirit

Great Places To Purchase Home schooling Curriculum

  • Homeschool Buyers Co-op
  • Time 4 learning
  • Classical Academic Press
  • Calvert Education
  • Gryphon House
  • Mentoring Minds
  • My Edu Gate

Benefits of Home schooling

  • The parents have authority over what their children are learning.
  • Provide a chance to make learning innovative.
  • Helps build good relationships and bonds with children.
  • Provide ample opportunity that helps practical learning experience.
  • Protects from negativity of the society.
  • Helps in conveying your self earned shortcut and tricks for fast learning.
  • Children learn from their life experiences.
  • Home schooling acts as a better learning option for learning disabled children.
  • It also helps physically handicapped children to gain knowledge.

Disadvantages of Home schooling

  • Sometimes home schooling leads to frustration in children. As they cannot go to school and make new friends.
  • There are days when parents are not able to give full attention to their children.
  • Homeschooling also requires a large budget as the study material and other resources are needed to be purchased.
  • Some current may lack patients while teaching their children.
  • Face the wrath of people who are not supportive for home schooling.

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