House of Cards Season 7 Return Theories: Would Kevin Spacey return in a possible seventh season?

House of Cards one of Netflix's best original series, but House of Cards season 7 has us all questioning various things. First of all, w...

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House of Cards one of Netflix’s best original series, but House of Cards season 7 has us all questioning various things. First of all, will Kevin Spacey be coming back?

The show debuted on February 17th, 2013, and since then it’s been no flash in the pan. Unlike many other shows that have come and gone in the wake of Netflix’s success, this show has endured past a lot of immense trials by fire. Six seasons later, it’s still here. 73 great episodes have been watched by fans everywhere where Netflix is available. Supposedly, season 6 was it. The last season. But now it seems, that’s gonna change. The finale was launched on 2018, and nothing’s bubbled up since, until recently. Fans still hope, despite everything, that this show makes a comeback.

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Despite the fact that “original” is in the title, this show really isn’t. It’s actually a remake of a show from the 1990’s. And THAT show is based in a book from 1989 by Michael Dobbs. And in 2017, the series got renewed for a new season: 6. Anthony Rapp, one of the actors, made a public accusation. He mentioned that Spacey made a move on him. This wasn’t taken well, as he was 14 back then. Uh oh. Additionally here, Netflix confirmed more or less that season 6 was the final season. So from that perspective, will all this drama to back the close like a hammer to the nail, this season was it. The finale.

However, not everything seems to be that way. House of Cards season 7 could still make a comeback. With all these rumors taking flight and floating around, I could easily see Netflix bringing back a long dead show for the bucks. Besides, the entire ordeal with Spacey was neither confirmed or denied. So technically, the show could still go on. As of now, we only have so much to go on.

So, is House of Cards season 7 still coming or what? 

House of Cards season 7

Back in 2017 as you know, Netflix practically confirmed that season 6 would be the big kahuna episode to end the season. A figurative cherry on top to whatever a ride this entire show was, drama included. They were going to put a cap on it before things got too out of hand with the actors. However, this isn’t entirely the truth. This is because that final season, was never exactly explicitly stated. It was never confirmed to be the final season. You and I both know that House of Cards totally had some loose ends to tie up in the “last” season.

Think about it. This series was a huge hit. And if there’s one thing Netflix is good at, is sniffing out good hits. Honestly, thinking back on the other shows that have come and gone for Netflix, they are no stranger to bringing up old content and making it practically new again. They’re also good at snuffing out shows explicitly after season 2 is over. If a show hasn’t made a certain amount by the end of the second season, it goes in the trash. Despite the drama surrounding a possible House of Cards season 7, I could see it happening in the blink of an eye. All Netflix needs is a little push.

What would the House of Cards season 7 cast look like?

House of Cards season 7

If House of Cards season 7 were to make a comeback, we’d hope for the original cast to return. As of now, it’s more of an if instead of a when. However, if things were to get rolling again, I couldn’t imagine the series without the iconic actor that is Kevin Spacey. Despite the fact that there is drama surrounding them, this actor is too iconic to miss out on. If Netflix were to bring the show back, they’d have to pull all the stops. That means bringing back big names, and not leaving anyone out if possible.

Despite the fact that there is some negative drama surrounding many of the actors that would appear in House of Cards season 7, they’d all have to make a return. That, or Netflix would have to give a very, very good reason why. In that case, they could appeal to their audience by coming completely clean on why certain actors were not included.

Do you think House of Cards season 7 is a possibility? Let us know in the comments below.

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