How to convert Stardew Valley animals into Ghibli’s studio creation, Stardew valley mod turns studio Ghibli’s Totoro, soot sprites and more into Critters.

Stardew valley mod :

This Stardew valley mod will help you to convert Valley’s wild creatures into Ghibli studio creations. See how this mod will turn Totoro, soot sprites, and more into critters.

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As Ghibli studio is known for its animated films these creations have added life to the character. Well, not only the characters but the title as well. This game is also of the most enormous farming game and has many characters in it see how this mod will work.

See all details on this mod, and how to give your game this anime touch.


Lately, this game is coming up with very eye-pleasing landscape themes. Themes like star wars are quite famous. Now Ghibli studio theme. This game has given players the freedom to upload themes. This aesthetic landscape mode is created by users “sopholophagus”. This will convert original wooden landscape animals into animated one Ghibli studio’s creation to be more precise.

Nexus mod’s site is hosting this mod. Because of this exquisite scenery, this mod has garner lots of attention and said to be the best of 202o for Stardew Valley.



As this new mod is on Nexus Mod’s website. The title is  Ghibli critters you can download this mod from this site.


Let’s see which characters getting Ghibli studio makeover by this Stardew Valley mod.

*Note: movies name in brackets.

  • Sparrow – replaced by Kodama (Princess Monoke’s)
  • Woodpecker – replaced by Totoro ( My neighbor Totoro)
  • Squirrel – replaced by chu- Totoro ( My neighbor Totoro)
  • White Rabbit – replaced by Jiji ( Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • Crow – replaced by crow Yubaba (Spirited Away)
  • Owl – replaced by No face ( Spirited away)
  • Frogs – replaced by soot sprites ( Valley of the Wind)
  • Rabbit – replaced by fox squirrel. ( Valley of the Wind)

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Sopholophagus created this legendary most hyped stardew valley mod. But they are new in this field. Hence minor glitches are given and they warned beforehand because of their lack of experience.


Moreover, it is a great mod. An eye-pleasing landscape and unique concepts. Therefore it is worth downloading and trying.