Rachel Zoe is scarred for life After her 9-year-old son fell 40 feet from Ski lift and hospitalized.

Rachel Zoe scarred for life
Rachel Zoe scarred for life

Rachel Zoe scarred for life?

Recently, mother of two, Rachel Zoe is scarred for life. As her Skyler, 9 fell from ski lift which is like 40 feet above.

Accidents are a reality in life but something severe like this can left anyone devastated. Especially it’s hard for a mother when their child is going through such pain.

Rachel Zoe shared more details about this unfortunate incident on her Instagram. Let’s see what exactly happened and how her son is doing.

Winter vacay gone wrong?

Rachel Zoe was on winter vacation when this incident took place. Whole family (her husband Berman, elder son skyler and younger Kaius) were enjoying their holidays.
Her son skyler, 9 fell 40 feet off the ski lift because negligence of lift operator.

What did Rachel Zoe write?

Rachel has shared picture of her son laying on bed. Wrote that she and her husband was so scarred when this unfortunate incident occurred. Life is just a matter of moment.
This incident could be easily dodged if lift operator did his job properly and stopped the lift on time she reveals. But rescuers on site did their job well.

Rachel Zoe was scarred for life , but she is thankful that her son is doing pretty well. And 9 year old skyler doesn’t have any major injury.
In a long written story she said always hug and love your babies extra from us today.

Zoe called her son the bravest boy. Indeed he is because he survived this fall and doing great just a little sore.

We can only wish for his early recovery.

Rachel Zoe  & Rodger Berman :

Rachel Zoe scarred for life as her son fell 40 feet from ski lift
Rachel Zoe scarred for life as her son fell 40 feet from ski lift

Zoe and Berman met in their college days and married since 1998. They have 2 son together skyler Berman, 9 & Kaius Berman,7.

Rachel Zoe is a TV personality and fashion designer for nearly 2 decades. Known for her fashion sense. She worked in many reality shows.

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  • Mother of 2 Rachel Zoe revealed that she is so scarred as her son skyler fell 40 feet from ski lift
  • Her son is doing pretty well, just little bit sore.
  • She said that she will update her supporter further on her son’s recovery.