Lady A’s Charles Kelly Explains why the Group’s Name Change took so long and knew it was going to Alienate some fans

Lady A group Name change :

Formerly known as Lady Antebellum, Now is officially Lady A group name change took a long since their announcement. Group of 3 is considering this for quite some time now. However, the trio has announced earlier that they will change their group name

See why it took them so long and the Reason behind changing their long-kept group name.

Why they shorten their name to become lady A:

Lady A group name change decision came amid of Black Lives Matter protest. When this is in a full rage they found out the term they are describing their group identity with is actually related to slavery. However, they kept this name after the southern Antebellum. They decided to shorten their name. And released their last song “ Christmas through your eyes” under the name “Lady A”

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We think this is a great decision as no terms should be related to oppression of human rights and musical groups like them having millions of fan following. Should not promote such terms in any way.

Charles Kelly explains what took them so long to come to this decision:

Lady A group name change
Lady A group name changed amid Black Lives Matter protest

Trio faced lots of criticism as lady A belongs to a veteran blues singer and trying to resolve this issue. Kelly explains that as we get older we tend to see things differently and their decision surely affected by this.
In an interview, Charles Kelly also talked about alienating fans between lady A name change clash as it belongs to the veteran singer. Trio revealed they wanted to be a part of the change with this crucial decision.

All About lady A:

Lady A has 3 members Charles Kelly, Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott. They are from Nashville. Formed in 2006 their main genre is country music. Having dozens of hit songs under their name.

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  • Lady A group name change came amid of Black Lives Matter protest.
  • They change their former name as it was the term related to war slavery
  • Group decided not to promote such terms while having fans and kids
  • However legal dispute is still going on with them and veteran blues singer because of term “lady A”