How to Get Verified on TikTok

Maybe you don’t want to Get Verified on TikTok. Or, you really really do, and will do anything to get there. 

Some think TikTok is just for teens, with no real world uses. But as more people hop on the TikTok train, we see more and more passionate lip-syncers aspire to new levels on the app. 

Check Marks the Spot

So what does it mean to be “verified on TikTok”? 

The TikTok verified badge marks accounts with a strong presence on the app. The badge lets users will know they’re getting mainstream, high-quality TikTok content. 

Verification badges also create a more defined space for brands and celebrities to interact with other users. 

The easiest way to tell who is verified is by a symbol we’ve all seen before. Like the ones you might find on Instagram or Twitter, a white checkmark floating in a light blue circle marks these popular accounts.

The checkmark, or badge, can be found on the user’s profile beneath their name and statistics. 

Before TikTok was TikTok, it was, where the badges took the form of a crown. Popular users were some of the first users to be verified on TikTok, as their large following established them as popular content creators in their own right. 

Verified Accounts vs. Popular Creators

While has come and gone, popular creators are here to stay. Unlike other apps, TikTok has chosen to split its verification into two categories. 

  • Verified Accounts
    • reserved for celebrities, high-profile users, brands, etc.
  • Popular Creators 
    • more attainable
    • achievable for everyday users with certain criteria

It may be a bit confusing, as both verified accounts are marked with the same badge. Verified users either a) have a huge impact on the world of TikTok, b) are people of importance, like celebrities, or c) seen by TikTok as someone who’s shown dedication to the app. 

Not so bad. Just keep in mind that if you know someone verified on TikTok personally, chances are they have Popular Creator status.  


TikTok advises users that when verifying, they consider if the account is:

  • Unique

TikTok is full of duplicates or versions of the same songs, dance routines, and “challenges”. Users need to use their creative juices to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Active 

TikTok staff wants to verify users with dedication to their app and following. Those gunning for verification need to actively post and comment on TikTok. 

  • Authentic

If users are actually posting as themselves. 

Tips & Tricks

Getting verified on TikTok seems like it’ll be super important later, right? Well, here’s how to achieve that goal.

To shoot for Popular Creator status, you can try the following tactics. Of course, it’s not guaranteed, but it’s a good place to start. 

  • Get to know the popular TikTok trends, songs, and norms.

TikTok trends come and go. A lot, at all hours of the day. They make forgotten songs, popular culture references, and all else go viral instantly. It’s good to support this content, and put your own spin on them to gain a following.

  • Get followers, and follow back! Follow verified accounts, and ones that already have a large number of followers. You might even make friends on TikTok and increase both your followings.
  • Post (and comment!) This one is obvious. Increase your followers by posting fun, high quality content. Make about 10 videos you’re proud of, and don’t be afraid to try new things. 
  • Invest in solid recording equipment for high quality content. A smartphone tripod is recommended. They are inexpensive and available online. 
  • Post often and regularly. This one comes back to TikTok looking for active users. Create a posting schedule, so people can start to expect you on their feeds. 
  • Post in portrait mode, because that’s how people use the app. 
  • Know and use popular hashtags. Doing this, you also get a better idea of what does well on TikTok. 
  • Include your friends in your content. Whether they’re on TikTok themselves or not, more people increases chances for more personality in posts. 
  • Improvise! Things on TikTok become viral overnight. Sharing strange or funny experiences you’ve had might have a huge effect on someone you weren’t expecting.  
  • Growth sites to assist with content exist. They may help you create content for a fee. Use them at your discretion.

Note: You may come across sites that claim they can quickly get you a TikTok verification badge. Do not trust them, they may be unsafe or violate the TikTok Community Guidelines. 

In the End

If you’re passionate about creating content, lip-syncing, and very short videos, take your skills to TikTok. And, while a TikTok verified badge may be a symbol of dedication, a badge shouldn’t define your TikTok legacy. 


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