Samsung Galaxy M11 and Galaxy M01

The Samsung Galaxy M11 and the Galaxy M01 are Samsung’s newest additions to their M-series smartphone. The Galaxy M11 is the new smart phone in Samsung’s M-series line and also the first of their second-generation. The Galaxy M01 is another smartphone Samsung is releasing but appears to be different from the rest of the M-series. Both phones possess impressive features for their target market and if the rumors are to be believed very well priced. With the June 2 Indian launch rapidly approaching it will soon become apparent just how accurate all the information is.


Samsung’s M-series smart phone was released in its first iterations on February 2019. The two flagship phone models being the Galaxy M10 and the Galaxy M20. The M series phones were released after Samsung retired the J series. The reason for this was to create a midsize smartphone that compete in the Asian market against companies like Xiaom. The M-series is predominantly targeted for sale in India by Samsung. In addition to the Asian Samsung also markets the M-series in Europe.

The original line of the series started with the Galaxy M10 and ended with the M40. All of these M series were released in the first six months of 2019. The series for the most part received positive reviews, specifically with the battery life and the cameras abilities. The next two installments in the M-series, based on the features provided to the public before release, show that Samsung took what it learned from previous phones and made the better.

Samsung Galaxy M01 Specifications

The Galaxy M01set to release on June 2, 2020 has several impressive features. The phone is part of the M-series but doesn’t appear to be directly related to the rest of the series. Instead it appears to be a completely new phone designed for the same market niche. Its features include two cameras one on the front of the camera and one on the screen side. The forward-facing camera is specified as a 5 MP camera. The back camera is a dual camera system, one a 13 MP and the other a 2 MP. The Galaxy M01 also possesses 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data storage in the standard model. Other features on this phone are a 4000 mHa battery and a 5.71-inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy M01 Price

The Galaxy M01’s price has not yet been confirmed and won’t be until it’s released however rumors have given a possible number. The current rumored price for the standard variation of the M01 is supposed to be about Rs 8,999. If this number is accurate or even close this would make its significantly cheaper than the Galaxy M11 set to release at the same time. This price range suggests that the galaxy M01 is intended to be an economy version of the other second-generation M-series smart phones. It will provide a smart phone with all the baseline capabilities of the M series but won’t be as powerful as the mainline.

Samsung Galaxy M11 Specifications

The galaxy M11 will be released on June 2 and appears to have improved features over some of its predecessors. It is said that it will have two variations released, a standard and enhanced version. The standard version comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data storage. The advanced version will have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of data storage. Both the Galaxy M11 variance will feature two cameras one in the front and one in the back. The front camera will feature an 8 MP. The screen camera is a three-lens system with each lens having a 13 MP, 5 MP, and 2 MP capability. Other notable features on the Galaxy M11 include a 5,000 mAh battery, 6.4″ HD+ PLS TFT Infinity-O Display, fingerprint scanner, and fast charge capability.

Samsung Galaxy M11 Price

The Galaxy M11’s price has not yet been confirmed and will not be until its release date on June 2, 2020. However, rumors abound about it and even if they are not accurate provide the basis of a price range. The base model which has a 3 GB RAM is set at, according to rumor, Rs 10,999 per phone. It is currently unclear if both variations will be released at the same time. The same pattern as was done with the M10 and M10s could be followed, the advance version is released later. The advanced model which will have 4 GB of RAM is set to be sold at Rs 12,999 per phone. These prices reflect the tech level in both variations of the Galaxy M11.

The price suggests that both variations are intended to be equivalent to the Galaxy M10. That is as the first of a new M-series line that will serve as the base of a possible second-generation of phones. This can be best illustrated by the fact that the features of the Galaxy M11 while impressive and enhanced from previous generations don’t cover the same breath of abilities. Such as the Galaxy M40, which sold for Rs 19,990 per phone.


The Samsung Galaxy M11 and Galaxy M01 have all the features you would expect in new smart phones. They have retained the features that were liked by customers in previous generations of the smartphones in the M series. The Galaxy M01 based on its features and price appears to be the economy variation of the M-series for the second-generation phones. If it’s features function as advertised, it will fulfill this role even better than its predecessor the Galaxy M10.

The Galaxy M11 based on its features and price appears to be the new base model mid-range smartphone in the M series. Identified by some sources as the first of the second-generation series released the galaxy M11 just as its counterparts the galaxy M10 and M20 in the first generation. It is also definitely suggests based on last year’s pattern that there will be more second-generation M-series phones. This is further supported by the fact that the Galaxy M11 in both variants does not possess equivalents abilities to the galaxy M40 as well as being significantly cheaper. Regardless Samsung will show us on 2 June whether or not they have managed to continue the success of the M-series with the galaxy M11 and M01.

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