How to Watch Movies Online with Friends 2020


Watch Movies Online – Steaming with friends 2020 

If we can not stream together with or friends physically, that is sitting in the same room stream the same series or movies. We can opt for the method of such online applications. These applications can not make bring us physically together but, it gives us a platform where we can log in and connect to each other like in Netflix party we can send our Netflix party link to our friends and if they invite and come to watch we can stream together whatever we want and also there is a chat box appearing on the screen while streaming together we can also chat with our friends.

Let’s discuss some of the online applications which provide such features to us.

Meta stream- Watch Movies Online

With the help of meta stream we can stream together with our friends. The host has to copy the link and send it as an invite to whom he wants to invite. It can be used in Chrome or Firefox browser by installing the extension of meta stream to the browser. The streaming can be private or public it is just a platform that helps to connect the people. The host sends a link and then approve it that who can join after that the host can select any video from Netflix, YouTube, Google, or any other means.   And if the host plays the video from some paid application like Netflix everybody joined needs to have a paid membership of that particular application like Netflix.
• First we need to download the metastream extension to our chrome or firefox browser with the help of respective sources.
• Once the download is complete we can head over to
• Then we have to enter our display name and click on ‘get started’.
• Then we have to click on start session and then we can share the link to invite other people.
• Then the host has to approve who all can enter the room.
• After all the participants join the host have to copy the URL into a bar available and then click on the ‘add to session’ button.
• This will then start the video for all the participants.

Netflix party – Watch Movies Online

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows the Participants to stream together while they can even chat on the same time. The hoast start the Netflix party send the link to others via text, Watsapp, etc, and the participants can join it and have to select a display name and icon. It has two options either the host can keep the control in his hands that the pausing or playing of the video in his hands or all the participants can do it on their own and everybody has control.
  • Download the Netflix party extension in Chrome browser.
  • The icon of Netflix in the bar will turn red which was previously grey. Click on it.
  • A window will pop up asking for ‘ create a Netflix party’ click on it. Then you have to select that only you should have the control over playback of videos or leave it on everybody. Click on ‘start the patty.
  • Another window will pop on with the URL which you can share with your friends.
  • After the Netflix party starts you can set your nickname and set your icon.

Scener – Watch Movies Online

Scener is also a browser extension which allows you to watch the movies from HBO GO and HBO now with a maximum of up to 20 people. The best part is that it is free to use. With the help of screner, we can also sync the users with Netflix. One person in the group have the virtual remote who can pause, play, rewind, or forward. scener helps stream together.
  • Download screner and add it to the chrome extension.
  • Create your profile by filling your details.
  • Click on Screner icon from your browser to start a ‘private theater’.
  • Click on ‘create private theater’.
  • Sign in to HBO or Netflix.
  • Copy the invitation link and ask your friends to join in.
  • While watching your favorite shows or movies you and your crew can chat or talk using audio or video chat facility.

Syncplay – Watch Movies Online

Syncplay also allows the viewers a shared viewing experience. The sync play launches a media player on your computer which connects to a sync play server and joins the virtual room on that server. Play, pause, rewind, forward is all related to the fellow viewers. And if any user joins from in between the server keeps a track and shows him also from where everybody else is watching. It subscription ins between $5 to $20 but during this COVID-19 situation it is only for $3 per month.
  • Download a firefox or google chrome extension.
  • Create your account by opening the extension.
  • Go to
  • Click on ‘get started’ and select your avatar and username.
  • You’ll get a pop-up window which will ask if only admin will have the controls of playing or pausing the video or all the participants can do it.
  • Click on the icon in the top right corner with two people and a plus sign. Click on the copy link. Then you can share this link with those who you want to be in the session.

Click on the camera and a microphone icon on the right-hand side of the screen to enable the audio and video
Click on the messages In the lower right corner of the screen which will open the chat.

Two seven – Watch Movies Online

Two seven also allows synchronizing videos of Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc. The server detects the supported videos from other websites and provides a platform to watch together.
  • Install the two seven extensions to the browser.
  • Login by filling your details.
  • Head over to the site where the videos you want to watch together exist.
  • The extension will report the supported videos.
  • Click on the video which you would like to watch.
  • You can watch it in the existing room if you are in any or you can create a new room.
In these hard times of COVID-19 due to social distancing people can not meet each other and miss doing things together but still can do these activities together by the use of these applications. Even the watching of your favorite series has become boring. So, we can use these applications for entertainment that watches together and have fun.

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