Huawei Technologies plan to ask UK to delay 5G network removal until 2025

Huawei Technologies plan to ask UK to delay 5G network removal until 2025. Huawei Technologies is hoping that a five delay on their removal from the UK will bring a new government in. In other words, they’re hoping the 2025 elections will bring a new government into power that will reverse the decision. This Huawei technology request for the UK to delay there 5G removal comes days before UK security meeting. The upcoming security meeting in the night Parliament will decide the future of Huawei Technologies.


Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies planned removal from the United Kingdom’s 5G network is in response to potential security issues. A report from the United States of America indicated that the company was using dangerous and untrustworthy. Shortly after the report became available president Donald Trump of the United States issued a ban on the Chinese company. The report focuses on the cell chips produced. Specified in the report is a potential for the company’s 5G chips being used for major cyber-attack. Since the United States issued its ban on the technology the United Kingdom has been caught political tug-of-war. The UK’s prime minister faces pressure both from the United States government and from the People’s Republic of China.

Indeed, the People’s Republic of China have repeatedly warned the prime minister of repercussions. In other words, if the United Kingdom makes the same decision as United States China will retaliate. Threats the Prime Minister has resolute in stating that the security of the country comes first. That being said he appears to be open to the proposed arrangements that Huawei Technologies plans to ask for. Huawei Technologies in return for delaying its removal from UK will postpone updating the 5G network and maintain existing technology. Though a tempting compromise it will undoubtedly be greeted negatively. Both the leadership of the United States and China appear to be unwilling to compromise on the situation. Huawei Technologies has yet to secure a meeting to make this proposal. If it can’t do so by July 14 it may be too late depending on the decision the UK government.


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