Spicejet to resume flights to UAE on July 12, from four indian cities

Spicejet to resume flights to UAE on July 12, from four indian cities. Delhi, Mumbai,Kozhikode and Kochi. These flights are to Ras-Al-Khaimah of UAE. And will take only ICA approved passengers.

The ICA stands for the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. A person having an official UAE citizenship has to take an ICA approval before entering that country through any flight.

All the flights were at a halt due to the lockdown under Covid-19 pandemic since March 25. Lately, flights are reopening, all over the country. Civil aviation minister said on June 16 that they’ll resume international flights from next month i.e. July.

UAE has around 54K positive coronavirus cases and around 330 deaths approximately.

After the international flights have been slowly resuming, the people having a valid residency permit of the gulf countries complained that there were no mode of transport available between the two countries.Spicejet to resume flights to UAE

On July 9, 2020, the Civil Aviation Ministry had tweeted, “As part of the close strategic partnership between the governments of India and the UAE, and with a view to assisting UAE resident nationals who are at present in India to return to the UAE, the civil aviation authorities of both countries have agreed to operationalise the following arrangement from 12 July 2020.”

These flights will be taking passengers both ways i.e. from India to UAE and from UAE to India. For now, the flights are only scheduled till July 26. However, the flights are only for the passengers of gulf countries.

Passengers have to register with the Indian Embassy or Consulate at Abu Dhabi or Dubai first, to be able to travel in those flights. The passengers have to also fulfill the conditions laid by the airport authorities for safety concerns.


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