Hulu New Dramedy Woke portrayed Racism

Lamorne Morris
Lamorne Morris in Woke

Hulu New Dramedy ‘Woke’ released recently is a semi-animated series on Hulu exclusively. It is easy to portray the general humor, action, and love series but bringing a social issue in front is always a tough job. The creator of Woke get this insight into light through humor and comedy is indeed appreciable.

Woke features Lamorne Morris who is well known in the industry for his acting skill and passion. In the series, the creator by the art of animation through up the most heated argument. That is now showing everywhere in America about Black life Matters.

Black life matters is a huge campaign going all over America and even globally. The incident of death of a black by white official just gets into the nerve of people. The issue speeded like fire and created a huge campaign throughout the world against racial discrimination.

Hulu New Dramedy Woke is just a reflector of that where it reflects the issue of black discrimination. It is indeed a tough job to create such a story according to the viewer’s interest and thus is appreciable.

A protest spotted

But how far the series can touch the heart of the viewer is now the big question. Though Hulu comes up with a story from a completely different genre with a pretty well plot how the viewer is going to accept the story is still hanging on the questions mark. Reports suggest that the storyline could not impress the viewer as such. Though the show is a comedy-drama it could not reach enough to the viewer’s mind and give it a shot.

But at least someone shows the guts to launch such a story which describes the real story. The story just began and might gain the viewer’s responses in a few days. So let’s not lose hope and wish for better next episodes.

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