IBM collaborates with CBSE to integrate AI curriculum

IBM collaborates with CBSE to integrate AI curriculum into 200 schools. Specifically, IBM announced today a joint effort with CBSE to introduce AI classes. These classes would be part of the high school curriculum, grade 11 and 12, for the academic year of 2020 – 2021. This is part of CBSE’s social empowerment through work education and Action program. 200 schools across 13 Indian states will have the AI curriculum. Basically, IBM collaborates with CBSE is intended to introduce students to the basic skills of creating and using AI.


Program and Intent

IBM collaborates with CBSE

IBM collaborates with CBSE on the AI curriculum is intended to educate students about AI. Since the world continues to press forward in the realm of AI this course has become necessary. The AI curriculum developed by IBM has three areas of study students will focus on. The first of these areas of study is the basic knowledge. Specifically, what it will consist of is a basic overview of AI’s, the history of AI, and applications.

Skills are the second area of study in which students learn about designing, critical thinking, and data fluency. AI values area the final area of study for students where they will learn about ethical decision-making and bias. Students will learn from these courses how to interact with AI ever changing world. IBM made the program interactive by including problem-solving outcomes. It also included assessment methods that allow teachers to modify the course of study best instruct a student about AI.


IBM collaborates with CBSE to integrate AI curriculum was the response to a question many educators and entrepreneurs are asking. That is, how technology impact job markets as the world moves further towards automation? In an increasing AI driven world the curriculum is intended to give students the best possible chance at success .

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