Indian Embassy on US authorities announces modification for student visa

The Indian Embassy on Wednesday, July 8 announced that it is concerned with the modifications to student visas. The US state department set these modifications in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The embassy agrees that measures should take however they have concerns over the current modifications. They feel that’s will cause undue stress and anxiety for  Student visa under the F – 1 and M– 1 visa.

Primary concern

The primary issue is the fact that the modifications do not allow full online courses. the modifications will allow non-immigrant students to meet the requirements for their visa. The modifications do allow for some online classes however a certain number of courses must be attended in person.  The full recommended federal, state, and campus social distancing guidance would still be using those classes. The concern is that the social distancing will not be enough to prevent some of the students from being infected. The embassy talking with concerned US officials over whether or not it’s possible to allow full online classes. The issue with this is that under those circumstances the students would not have to physically be in the United States. The state departments may believe they don’t need to issue a Student visa to a student who can take the course online from India.


These concerns between the State Department and the embassy come at a time when most US colleges have yet to set up their fall semester. It’s quite possible that most of the colleges in the United States could choose to not have a fall semester. This would cause additional anxiety to students who might have their visas revoked if they’re not meeting the requirements. It appears that no matter what the Embassy manages to achieve there will still be stress for the students.

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