Inshot Mod v1.681.1301 APK Download [All Unlocked]

Information of InShot Pro Mod APK 1.681.1301

Name InShot Pro
Compatible with 4.3
Latest version 1.681.1301
Developer InShot Inc.
Google play link com.camerasideas.instashot
Price Free
Size 46.96 MB
Category Photography, Apps

Description Inshot Mod:

InShot Mod: The present digital age has a tremendous impact on the youth. Everyone wants to be perfect. Also, everyone wants to show themselves out to the world. Besides, in the pandemic, people worldwide seek to show their talents. They do it through several social media platforms. However, to attract the audience, one needs to be exclusive. In addition, their creation should be able to grab attention. For this reason, the latest version of Inshot Mod i.e. InShot Pro Mod APK 1.681.1301 came up with some amazing features. The video editor app is one of a kind. It promises to make a simple video into a unique one.

InShot Pro Mod APK 1.681.1301 is a tool that will give allows Android users the to completely or moderately transform their creations. Besides, they can elevate the experience of their videos by merely using the smartphone. The users can improve the quality of videos as well as the images. They can modify by bringing about changes like enhancing brightness. Also, there are many filters of various genres that people can use and uplift the quality of the images and videos.

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Details of Latest InShot Version:

  • The name of the present version is InShot Pro.
  • The version is 1.681.1301.
  • The app is for Android 5+.
  • Also available in iOS platforms.
  • Besides, the size of the Download is 36MB.
  • The last update was on October 22, 2020.
  • The version has premium options which are payable. However, there are several free options present.

Features of the Latest Version:

  • The Application is effective in editing the videos and all its features.
  • Also, the modification of sound effects and music is possible with ease.
  • The recorder is easily accessible and does the job perfectly.
  • On the other hand, the modification of the speed of the video is also possible.
  •  The users can add stickers and texts to the video. The app is user friendly, all the directions are present in the app.
  • Also, the users can access the InShot mod and create collages with the photos.
  • After editing, the users can directly share the videos and pictures through various applications.
  • Also, posting the creations different sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc is seamless.

How to use InShot for editing videos?

Inshot Mod- Options
Inshot Mod- Video Editing
  • Go to the AppStore, Download and Install the InShot app.
  • Open the app to use it for editing.
  • There are 3 clickable icons on the main screen of the app.
  • The options are Photos, Collages and Video or Videos by.
  • For editing the videos, the users have to click the “Videos” option.
  • The users need to grant permissions to take certain actions.
  • The multimedia accession also needs permission.
  • Add the video/clip to the app from the multimedia folder your video is present in. Select the file and click the import option present below the screen.
  • Use the various tools available in the app to modify the video. There are options are trim, filters, texts etc. Use these options and create the look you like.
  • After editing, export the file by clicking the option “Save” which is present in the top right of the screen.
  • Also, share the file directly to the messaging and social networking apps.
  • There are other features, however, the user has to unlock the premium package that it offers.

Additional Features in the App:

Inshot Mod- Additional Features
Inshot Mod- Additional Features

Removing Watermark: Inshot Mod

People take lots of efforts to make a video. They put in so much of thoughts and create a beautiful idea. However, when they edit in some video editor, after all the hard work, the watermark takes up all the credit. For this reason, InShot has a premium package to offer its users an editor without a watermark. This enables the creator to get all the credits and not the editing application.

Adding Music:

The users can add sound effects and music to their video to enhance the effect of it. Also, they can make sure that the music or the sound syncs with the video. Besides, the app provides you with a fascinating range of songs and instrumentals to choose from.

Special Effects:

Inshot Mod
Inshot Mod- Filters Effects

This feature is a unique tool in the app. It enables you to add a filter in certain areas of the video. It also helps the users to make the video look professional using merely a smartphone. Besides, this feature has several frames that can beautify the videos and photos. They can access more frames and filters by opting for the payable premium (InShot Pro Mod APK 1.681.1301) option.

Trimming the videos:

For making a video look flawless it needs a lot of professional skills. However, InShot Mod APK makes this job smooth and easy. One need not have to go to a professional class to learn how to edit a video. One can trim the areas that they do not prefer to be a part of their video. It is similar to the crop option to edit and delete the unwanted portions.

Merging Videos:

Users can combine two or more videos with this option. The user needs an Android or an iOS device to edit via this app. It is a fascinating means for YouTubers and other Influencers.

Controlling the Speed of the Video:

There are always those moments in the videos that one wants to highlight. This option gives users that opportunity. Slow motions, fast motion, the speed change is simple and easy through this app.

Removing Advertisements in InShot Mod:

By opting for the premium package, the users can get rid of the unwanted advertisements in between. It gives a smooth experience that is devoid of the annoying ads.

Download Available for Android Users:

The people can directly download the application of InShot Mod from the Play Store.

Here is the link of InShot Video Editor in Android Devices

Download Available for iOS Users:

The apple device users can also use the InShot app and edited videos and images.

Here is the link of InShot Video Editor in iOS platforms