Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai: Asked To Ban Ads Spreading Election Misinformation

Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai
Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai

Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai, The US is having it’s Presidential Election 2020. As every citizen of the country, Selena Gomez is also a responsible voter. The Presidential election is very important and decides the development of the country for the next five years.

And in such an important affair and kind of misinformation can lead the country to a great loss. Every citizen has the right to vote and by all their vote American president will be elected. And each vote matters for the presidential election.

But from the beginning of the US election, there are many misleading ads circulating on the surface. Which are causing great confusion in netizen’ss mind. And Vote in Email is such a campaign that misleading the American voters.

Selena Gomez noticed the matter and she quickly took her Instagram to handle to ask Google CEO on this matter. She DM to Sundar Pichai and asked him to immediately shut down all the ads that spread misinformation about the election.

She also said the election is very much important for all the citizens of the US and Google’s ad can mislead them prior to the election. And could be a big problem if not sorted because the fate of the country depends on it. Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai DM Grab a lot of eyes.

Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai
Selena comments on Election

Earlier President Trump also many a time raise the matter without any evidence that mail-in voting has a potential fraud. And now Selena Gomez Sundar Pichai sparks the matter again in a different light.

Google CEO’s response is not yet there but earlier Google told that they don’t promote any misleading ad. And as soon as they found out such an ad immediately shut those ads. In the 2020 election, Google’s spokesperson said they have zero tolerance for such ads.

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