Madison Pettis, Peyton Meyer joins ‘He’s All That’ remake

‘He’s all that’ remake of 1999 teen romance comedy ‘she’s all that’ has revealed its whole cast recently. Earlier Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan has join the cast.
Now Madison Pettis (girls rule) and Peyton Meyer (American housewives) are latest additions in the cast .
However, It is said that Pettis might be playing Late Paul walker’s role nothing’s confirmed as of now. Around a month ago Tanner Buchanan has also joined the cast. He’s all that remake seems to be quite star studded as number of well known faces are present.

He’s all that remake is gender swapped version of she’s all that as the name suggests.

More about He’s all that remake :

Synopsis :

As this this the gender swapped version of she’s all that, here popular girl ditched by her boyfriend decided to give complete makeover to her timid schoolmate.
He’s all the remake is creating quite buzz on internet as TikToker Addison Rae joins the cast as one of the main lead.
However, it is important to note that Addision Rae is first ever tiktoker to lands a role in a Hollywood movie. When it’s revealed that Addison Rae is joining the cast Internet has gone crazy pouting positive and negative responses.
Even some news claims that fans of the movie are worried that she will end up ruining their favourite movie’s remake.

All About she’s all that :

In order to understand what to expect from He’s all that remake it is very important to understand what’s there in the previous version.

He’s all that new cast
SHe’s all that remake

Synopsis :

Briefly she’s all that is A famous high schooler ditched by his girlfriend for reality show makes a bet that he can turn unattractive girl into school’s prom queen.
The process behind this makeover has presented in very comical ways ,hence making it delightful to watch.

Cast :

  • Freddie Prince Jr. as Zack Siler
  • Rachael Leigh cook as Laney Boggs
  • Matthew Lollards as Brock Hudson
  • Paul Walker as Dean Sampson
  • Jodi Lyn o’ Keefe as Taylor Vaughan

This is one of the movie which is really popular even after 20 years of its release and set its expectations bar really high.
Although, It is really interesting to see how it’s gender swapped version will be .