Intel 7nm CPUs

7nm CPUs

Intel is planning to introduce its first 7nm CPUs. They have planned to manufacture and make them available for the consumer audience. If everything will be on time it will be available to us by 2021. But, the delay is expected.

Recently on Thursday, Intel has announced that the 7nm Central Processing Units (CPUs) have been delayed by at least six months.

Earlier, The company have planned to introduce this latest technology in the market by early 2022. But, in the latest announcement by the firm.

Intel says that they won’t be released until late of 2022 or even early 2023. According to the company, the process is approximately twelve months delayed as expected.

Intel states that the company’s 7nm CPUs timing is going to be shifted approximately six months than the prior expectations. The primary process is the yield for Intel’s 7nm. And, based on the recent data it is now going to be approximately twelve months delayed than the company’s target.

Reason for the delay

The reason for the delay in the launch of 7nm CPUs is the defect. A ‘defect mode’ arrived in the company’s 7nm process and that is the main reason for delay.

Bob Swan: The CEO of the company stated that there is an issue related to the degradation of yield, due to which the fault has arrived.

Swan also stated that the company might consider outsourcing its work. They can use third-party manufacturers to manufacture their chips.

Also, they can even outsource the manufacturing of the 7nm CPUs to decrease the delay in the production.

Though, these ideas are not yet confirmed they might opt them. For the confirmation, we have to wait for more updates from the company. Stay tuned for further information.

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