Bitcoin Scam: Apple Co-Founder Sues YouTube and Google

Bitcoin Scam

Recently, Bitcoin Scam is in highlights across the globe. For this, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and 17 other victims are suing Youtube and Google for bitcoin giveaway scams. He is accusing them of providing the gateway to such scams and also promoting them to earn huge profit. However, Youtube is denying their involvement in it. And said, they are not supporting scammers for using their video-sharing platform for cryptocurrency good deal scams and other illegal schemes.

In the Superior Court of the State of California, in San Mateo County, the accuser files the case on Tuesday (21.07.2020). The allegations stand for, YouTube and Google are allowing scammers to use his name to encourage a deceptive bitcoin good deal for many days.

Steve Wozniak on Bitcoin Scam

Wozniak took this step as; in spite of requesting these two companies to remove the bitcoin scam videos from their channel, have ignored the matter. However, Twitter had removed the similar bitcoin good deal options from their twitter platform. They took the action on the same day of hacking the accounts of many high-profile people, promising them to double their amount.
Bitcoin Scam: Apple Co-Founder Sues YouTube and Google

Steve Wozniak said both the companies comprise various means to stop the scam videos on YouTube and could have warned users about the scam. The defendants have put up the papers in the court stating that they did not strict actions. Due to this ignorance, the defendants supposedly contributed to the bitcoin scam and further promoted it. This resulted in the loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars in the bitcoin good deal scam.

Not only Wozniak but, earlier Bradley Garlinghouse, CEO, Ripple Labs Inc. also sued the company in April 2020. They sued against cryptocurrency good deals. They said this not only played with the money of victims. But, also harmed its brand and the image of the company.

YouTube referred to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and said they don’t agree to the claims lodged against website operators for their editorial functions. Because the actions against the comments posts of third-party cannot be taken unless it is actionable.

The company also insists that according to section 230, social media services should not be considered as the publisher or speaker of other peoples ‘content.

YouTube spokesperson also commits for their serious actions on any kind of violations found on the platform.

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