Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK Direct Download for Android Latest Version 2021

Xvideostudio.video Editor Apk

Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is an best video editing application for Android Users, iOS as well as for Windows Users in United State where in this application You can directly add Different transitions in one click. You Must have gone through different website in search of Best Video Editing app for Your particular device? But were … Read more

Mausam App Launched By Indian Government

Mausam App in Action

Mausam App in Action Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family welfare declares a new app, Mausam App. This App will be functioning in both Android and IOS platform. It is a climate app responsible for climate forecasts and disaster warnings in India. This app was launched on the occasion of 14th Foundation Day … Read more

Five Million Manufacturing Plant, Tesla Plans to Build in Texas

Five Million Manufacturing Plant of EV in Texas

Five Million Manufacturing Plant Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla reveals that Tesla will be building the Five Million Manufacturing Plant of Cybertruck in Austin, Texas. Elon Musk is a billionaire. He is an engineer, technology entrepreneur, industrial designer and a philanthropist. Recently, Elon has got hold of the 2,100-acre plot of land, which is positioned 12 … Read more

Classic Film Camera Experience with Camera Apps on the Smartphones

Classic Film Camera Experience

Classic Film Camera Experience With the increase in technology growth, people have become more and more smartphone-friendly for taking pictures.  Now, in the current scenario, we have many smartphone camera apps, which give 1990s era-style photos. Though there are many apps giving classic film camera experience but are not possible to explain all.  However, a … Read more

Currency Convert App Can Recognize and Convert 160 Currencies In Real-Time

Currency Convert App

Currency Convert App With the progression of improved technology, many apps have made life easy and comfortable. There are numerous augmented reality apps for games, photos, recreation, music, videos etc. But, recently Aliaksandr Khatiashou has developed an AR app “GPrice” app, a currency converter app which is useful to convert currencies according to real-time and show … Read more

YouTube Music Is Now Available For Android TV

YouTube Music

  YouTube Music Development is the key to progress. We have travelled a long journey in Music Industry. Music lovers started enjoying music from Radio to mobile phones. And, film watchers from CRT TV to Android TV. Similarly, YouTube Music which was earlier only mobile friendly has now extended its wings to Android TV also. … Read more

Bitcoin Scam: Apple Co-Founder Sues YouTube and Google

Bitcoin Scam: Apple Co-Founder Sues YouTube and Google

Bitcoin Scam Recently, Bitcoin Scam is in highlights across the globe. For this, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and 17 other victims are suing Youtube and Google for bitcoin giveaway scams. He is accusing them of providing the gateway to such scams and also promoting them to earn huge profit. However, Youtube is denying their involvement … Read more