YouTube Music Is Now Available For Android TV


YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Development is the key to progress. We have travelled a long journey in Music Industry. Music lovers started enjoying music from Radio to mobile phones. And, film watchers from CRT TV to Android TV. Similarly, YouTube Music which was earlier only mobile friendly has now extended its wings to Android TV also.

Google is slowly shutting down its Play Music, which will soon find its replacement with YTM. Various companies are adding advance features to bring YTM to overtake GPM. But, there are still many areas for the companies to work on to get the best results of YTM on Android TV.

In fact, the new music app of YouTube is very much friendly with respect to music and video songs. One can get easy access to the desired trending music and video songs. Not only this, one can also play the desired music or video songs according to their taste.

Specifications of YTM App

  • One can listen to their favorite artists.
  • Users can locate the albums, singles, live performances, covers and remixes.
  • If one doesn’t remember the song’s title, and then also through lyrics one can search the song on YouTube music app.
  • One can also customize music according to their taste, location and time schedule.
  • Users to keep self updated with the trending music can use “The Hot-list” feature. Can enjoy uninterrupted listening with Music Premium
  • People can also hear music, even, when the screen is locked or using other apps.

An android TV will have a new “Music” tab to the sidebar of the YouTube app. Users will not find the shuffle or repeat options, nor any toggle button to control between audio and video songs. One cannot organize the playlists and also, there will be no access to full library or uploaded music.

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YouTube Music is now available on Android TV through the YouTube app

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