Currency Convert App Can Recognize and Convert 160 Currencies In Real-Time

currency convert app

Currency Convert App

With the progression of improved technology, many apps have made life easy and comfortable. There are numerous augmented reality apps for games, photos, recreation, music, videos etc. But, recently Aliaksandr Khatiashou has developed an AR app “GPrice” app, a currency converter app which is useful to convert currencies according to real-time and show the results then and there.

Focusing the Camera on the Currency the “GPrice” App works

Initially, Aliaksandr Khatiashou has undergone a good amount of research on this app before its release to people. This app is of 74.5 MB and he had tried various currencies to convert into the required currency across the globe. He was successful in his operation and could find the results more than his expectation.

“GPrice” App Specifications 

The “GPrice” App very smartly can convert costs of any regular basis gadgets and also the meals menu card. One has to install the app, then opens up the digicam of the device along with a pink box-marker in the centre.

Firstly, one has to locate the popular currency by touching the option available on the top-left nook of the display screen.

Then “GPrice” will perform its function. This Currency convert app has the potential to transform 160 currencies across the globe together with INR, USD, AED, and many more.

The user has to point the camera of the smartphone to the price tag of the product. Then, the currency app starts working and efficiently converts the amount to USD and presents it to the user.

In addition to changing the price of a single product, “GPrice” can also acknowledge and convert the costs of a number of products directly. It also helps in converting the costs of meals on a menu card in real-time requirement and presents it to the user for easy communications.

But, it is sad news for Android users. As currently the currency convert app is available only on the Apple iOS gadgets and is free to some extent. However, to take the advantage and benefits of this app fully, one has to subscribe. It costs  Rs 249/month or Rs 2199/12 months.

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