iOS 14 bug

Along with the introduction of iOS 14. Apple has updated a lot of features for its devices. One of those upgradations included a completely redesigned home screen.

An amazing feature of hiding and managing the applications has also arrived at the users with the help of this latest iOS 14. Though, it does not let the users hide all the applications.

Also, a new bug has also arrived along with this latest iOS. Because of this bug, a clean app free hone screen is appearing on the iPhone devices of the users.

Apple has released this third iteration of the iOS 14 beta. To test it and gather back reviews and also to make sure. If bugs will be there or not. And, it turns out to be there is a big issue. So, iPhone will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

App-Free Home Screen: iPhone.

The process of getting an app free blank screen of your ios is

  • The first press holds any app and enters into Jiggle Mode.
  • You will see a bar in the bottom with the dots representing the number of pages. Click on Edit Page.
  • Now, you can untick the pages to remove them from your home screen. But, you can not remove the last untucked page as you have to keep at least one page as you home screen.
  • However, there is still away. When you are left with two ticked pages. Rather than unticking one at a time. You have to tap on both of the pages at the same time to unlock them both.
  • After that, your device will restore and will show a boot loop logo.
  • Which will disappear in a while and you will have a clean and app free home screen on your device.

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