Classic Film Camera Experience with Camera Apps on the Smartphones

Classic Film Camera Experience

Classic Film Camera Experience

With the increase in technology growth, people have become more and more smartphone-friendly for taking pictures.  Now, in the current scenario, we have many smartphone camera apps, which give 1990s era-style photos. Though there are many apps giving classic film camera experience but are not possible to explain all.  However, a few are explained for convenience.

Camera App Giving Classic Film Camera Experience: Nomo

Nomo app gives a double exposure click, which takes two photos overlapping each other. This kind of app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. This classic experience of Polaroid pictures one can get by simply touching the app on a smartphone.

Camera App for Classic Experience: Kamon

Kamon is another wonderful app. When one use this camera, will have the feeling of a Polaroid camera.

The app will provide an excellent effect to our photoshoots. This will at once get into phone’s camera roll and the date too will get on the pictures at the extreme corner. These snaps are just like the one which we used to take from the compact film cameras.

But this app is available only on the Apple App Store.

Camera App: Calla Cam

This app too is only available only on the Apple App Store. It consists of four styles of pictures and is a free download. But, if one is ready to buy the app then even can get 20 more filters for the photos. The exclusive thing about this app is that one can turn and adjust the focus, on the screen.

Camera App for Good Camera Experience: Huji Cam

This app brings happy news for Android users as; it is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. This app is just similar to Kamon app as, it also contains an interface, which can help to focus and imitate the look as it appears and provides a feel of the polaroid camera.

As soon as the photo is clicked it takes seconds to develop and reflects in the app gallery. All the photos will have the date and time on it.

One feature that makes Huji Cam app to be different is that the phone camera display. It will not occupy the full-screen space until one moves their eye close enough to the viewfinder. This is a heavenly experience of a compact polaroid camera.

Classic Film Camera Experience: Afterlight App

The apps Afterlight and Afterlight 2 are the two photo editing apps, not the camera apps. Both these apps can be used to make the precise appearance of 1990s photos. It comprises of 124 filters which can give multiple effects to images. One can also choose to blur the images and give the various light effects in order to give a look of the 90s era. Both the apps, one can download free on Android phones. But Afterlight 2, an updated version is not available on Apple App Store for HK$2.

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