Pixelated Open World Game

Gaming is what most of the youth today like so much. We have seen a lot of advancement in the quality, features and graphics of the game since the games emerge.

And, The sound quality of the games back then is very advanced now. The games have very real effects visually. Also, they have become a lot more fun, than they use to be.


Although, there is a new upcoming game Alt254, which will remind you off the old times. It will remind you of pixelated games like Super Mario and Contra.

The game is developed by a Spanish Gaming Company. It is developed by “Rename Studios”. The game gives the players some open-world adventures by taking the players in a world of pixels.

Also, the game you will be represented by a black coloured dot. And, that is a pixel. Therefore, you are a Pixel in the game. And the black dot in the game represents your character and the code for the black dot is 254.

Once you’ll have the game in your device. After that, if you open up any other text document in your windows system. And while press holding the alt key if you will type the numbers 254. You will get to see your black dot character right there on your screen. Isn’t that amazing!?

To watch the gameplay of this game. You can visit youtube and check it out. As the company have already released a video to show you the gameplay.

The developer of this amazing game also started that, the game of Alt254 is not only going to be full of mysteries and puzzles to solve. But also, it will be polluted with mysterious creatures.

That means you have to compete with other pixels to carry on your journey.

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