Is Skai Jackson dating Beyonce’s nephew Julez Smith? Find out the details

Skai Jackson and her dating life, both are interesting and we always want to know more. We all know that dating is fun when we are in our teenage. But it is more fun when your aunt is Beyonce. The 18-year-old actress is attracting attention because of rumours that she is dating Julez Smith. Julez Smith Beyonce’s nephew and he remains out of the limelight and social media attention. But this time the reason for his public attention is his relationship with the Disney actress.

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Skai Jackson and her reported relationship with Julez Smith

Their pictures of some screenshots surfaced in media. The screenshots contain conversation in which Julez revealed the details of his relationship with Skai Jackson. Skai Jackson is famous for her performance in Disney shows like ‘Jessie’. Although their photos never appeared in public together, the leaked chat makes us wonder if they ever dated. Apparently, Skai Jackson and Julez Smith soon found a place in Google Trends because of dating rumours.

Skai Jackson and Julez Smith were dating
Leaked groupchat alleged that Skai Jackson cheated.

Talking about the conversation in leaked screenshots, Smith disclosed that they dated but broke up soon after she cheated. The messaged sent by Julez also stated that they both were in a relationship but she was not faithful towards him. Some of the messages also appeared to be rude because Julez said that he made sure to ruin her life. He also got her addicted before he left her. So, now it is complicated.

Julez Smith’s texts regarding his relationship with Skai

Skai Jackson and Julez Smith dating rumors
Julez Smith’s texts revealed that he said he made sure to ruin her life.

In the group chat, other members of the group were surprised to see the age difference between Julez and Skai. To this, Smith replied and said that the age difference doesn’t matter. The texts have not been confirmed either by Skai Jackson or Julez Smith. Neither of them has confirmed or made any public comment regarding the rumours of dating.

Skai Jackson dating rumors with Julez Smith
Julez said in the messages that he got her addicted and left her.

Not only the group messages, their photo also went viral. Their picture went viral because fans couldn’t keep calm. They both seemed to be affectionately standing together, posing for the picture in the camera. Followers soon noticed the poster behind them. The poster was from the Skai’s show Jessie.

In another event, a fan curiously asked Julez if he is still friends with Skai Jackson. Julez quickly replied ‘F*** No’.