‘Be My Wife’ is the few words from the new album by Zayn Malik. The lyric ‘Be My Wife’ sparked rumours, and now fans are wondering if Zayn and Gigi Hadid are tying the knot. Reports claim that their fans believe that wedding preparation is underway. Have you paid attention to the lyric ‘Be My Wife’.

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Zayn Malik's new album and the lyric 'Be My Wife' sparked engagement rumours

Zayn’s new album and the lyric ‘Be My Wife’ sparked engagement rumours of Zayn and Gigi.

‘Be My Wife’ and Zayn’s new album

We cannot blame the fans as the song goes, ‘But I need you in my life, You could be my wife for real’. The lyric belongs to the song ‘When Love is Around’. The followers of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid flooded Twitter with all kinds of speculations. They went on predicting that Zayn has a plan to propose Gigi. Some even said that they are already engaged. The lyric ‘Be My Wife’ belongs to the new album ‘Nobody is Listening’.

Fans have already been crazy because of their chemistry, and now with a new song, they just want to hear the good news. Zayn Malik and Gigi are together since 2015. They started seeing each other right after Malik broke his engagement, Perrie Edwards. It was not only the lyric ‘Be My Wife’ that caused the rumours. Their fans also went ga-ga for the song ‘Windoswil’. Because Zayn sings about how she has been in her mind and how he can have sex at any place.

The couple has faced many ups and downs when it comes to their relationship. But they happily announced in Jan 2020 that they are back together. Soon they also dropped another bomb by revealing that they are pregnant. The couple had their first kid in September. So, now it is a perfect family, and the only thing that remains due is the wedding. But it looks like with ‘Be My Wife’, Zayn has actually revealed his plan to marry Gigi Hadid.