Ryan Reynolds records heartfelt message for 11-year-old cancer patient

Ryan Reynolds recorded and sent heart-melting wishes 11-year-old cancer patient. The little boy is suffering from third stage cancer, and he is a fan of Deadpool. The boy and his mother attracted the deadpool star’s attention with the help of social media. Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly an off-screen hero too. There are only a few stars who know the correct use of social media platform.

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Ryan Reynolds sent special message to a fan kid.
Ryan Reynolds records and sent special message to Brody who is battling with cancer.

Ryan Reynolds, his message and Brody’s video

The ‘Deadpool’ star shared a message for Brody. Ryan said that he came to know about his story and that he wanted to share the video. He also informed Brody that he is thinking about him and sending him love and strength. Ryan said that he wants Brody to have whatever strength he has got. He shared how he received so many messages and told Brody that there are so many people who love him. In the video message, Reynolds told him how he is aware that Brody’s life has been full of challenges. This is how Ryan Reynolds sent the 11-year-old love, hope and strength. He also wished to see him soon after he gets well.

The 11-year-old boy Brody belongs to Canada. He has been receiving chemotherapy sessions because he is suffering from stage 3B Hodgkins Lymphoma. Brody’s mom, Randi informed the media how Brody reacted to the video. She said that he was so happy to see it that his jaw hit the floor. And he kept repeating how he feels so special, special like a hero in the movie. Ryan Reynolds move came after Brody and his mother took to Facebook. They used the social media channel so that Brody could have a word with his favourite Deadpool star.

They recorded a video in which they explained how they are going through some hard days. They said that they are a huge fan of Deadpool because the jokes make him smile. It is really sweet what Ryan Reynolds did. We all can imagine how COVID-19 and cancer can become the hardest part of anyone’s life. So, the boy and his mother said that they only wanted to send a message for Ryan Reynolds.