Jack White as SNL musical guest as Morgan Wallen dropped

Morgan Wallen to be replaced by Jack White as ‘SNL’ musical guest. On 10th Oct originally the country singer Morgan was booked to perform on Saturday Music Night. But he was let go because he was not adhering to Covid-19 safety practices. So Jack White got to play instead of Morgan Wallen, it was a last-minute decision.

The show’s creator Lorne Michaels had announced that Morgan Wallen would be replaced by Jack White as SNL musical guest. She had informed everyone that Jack would perform and Comic Bill Burr would host the show. Oh, she also said on Saturday there may be some special surprise guests too. Well, that sounds awesome.

The Reason to Replace Morgan Wallen

Jack White as SNL musical guest
“Jack White Replaced Morgan Wallen”

It was not an easy decision to replace Morgan with Jack White. But the creators needed someone who could deal with last-minute changes and pressure, hence Jack. The SNL marks Jack’s third solo appearance and overall we have seen him 4 times. This isn’t the first time we have seen Jack White as SNL musical guest, he had performed once with his band White Stripes. And the new update is the White Stripes is all set to release their new hit, sorry “Greatest Hit” on 4th Dec. Well, I am very excited about it.

The reason Morgan Wallen was replaced by Jack White as SNL musical guest is that he had broken the COVID-19, protocols. This is not the time to break rules. It was a tough decision, but after the video of Morgan partying mask less went viral on Tik Tok, the call had to be made. He was doing shots and nobody in the party was bothered with social distancing, and all this just before he was set to appear on SNL. So the show decided to drop him, although they have assured that he will be invited back. But this was a good call.

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