Jenna Marbles cancel podcast

Jenna Mourey, known as Jenna Marbles, and her partner, Julien Solomita, hosted the last episode of the Jenna & Julien podcast. On her recent announcement of stepping out from her YouTube channel, Jenna Mourey and her old partner, Julien Solomita, declared on Monday of Jenna Marbles cancel podcast.

In a six-minute good-bye video, she thanked the listeners for all over 300 episodes. Later. Mourey said: “I haven’t been on the online for a quick time”.

She hasn’t posted any content since June

She hasn’t denoted any content since June. Later, she apologizes for racist content she posted at the start of her career. “This is not OK, and it hasn’t existed on the net, as a result of it’s not OK,” Mourey says. She had already deleted the racist videos before mentioning it in the apology video which made them step into Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita cancel their podcast

Before leaving YouTube, she had 23 million subscribers.

At the best of June, Mourey declared she was through twenty-three million subscribers. As Black Lives Matter protests ramped around the country. Mourey then opted to spotlight many previous, racist videos, along with one wherever she wore make-up whereas doing an impression of Nicki Minaj. Also in another associate in video nursing another wherever she used a slur to mock an Asian man.
Both had already been deleted before her good-bye video, however, she explained that she fell it had been necessary to acknowledge them and be direct in her apology. “It wasn’t my intention to do to make-up, however, all that matters is that people were displeased and it hurt them,” Mourey says she was stepping away as a result of she didn’t have to position something into the world that may doubtless hurt somebody. “There’s no on-demanding Associate in Nursing apology of Yankee state for that video in real-time, however, place it on my tab,” Mourey joked. She has not announced it since and decided to go for Jenna Marbles to cancel a podcast.
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