WAP Hitting no 1 on Hot 100, reason enough to celebrate

The most talked about song in 2020 has given Cardi B a reason to celebrate. On Monday history was made with WAP hitting No 1 on billboard top 100. It is the hottest song of 2020 and has thrilled the fans but left the conservatives shocked. WAP  was a very controversial song due to its sexually explicit lyrics and perceptive, so it surprised everyone when WAP hit No 1. It has even set record for the most streams in its first week, a whopping 93 million. Well for some it may not be surprising because having two Rap powerhouses collaborate was bound to yield positive results.

WAP hitting no 1 marks the fourth song for Cardi B hitting No 1 on billboard Hot 100 and second for Meghan Thee Stallion after Savage.  WAP hitting No 1 is also the fourth time an all-female collaboration hit No1 on Hot 100 list.

Cardi B celebrates WAP hitting No 1
Cardi B celebrating with her Daughter.
See How Cardi B celebrated

It was so adorable to watch Cardi B celebrating her success with her daughter and Husband. The 27-year-old took to Instagram to celebrate her and Meghan Thee Stallion WAP hitting No 1. Cardi B, her husband Offset and lovely 2-year-old Kulture had a sweet singalong to celebrate her success.  In the endearing clip Offset was seen holding their daughter while Cardi B belts out the ‘How far I’ll Go’ from Moana. The toddler was singing along with her mother and offset couldn’t resist smiling at the moment. Major couple goals guys.

At one point cardi even exclaimed ‘This is my song’ and then turning to her daughter asked ‘This is our song right’.  Meghan Thee stallion who had an equal hand in WAP hitting No 1 wasn’t left out of the celebration. Cardi expressed her gratitude to Meghan by gifting her a custom made Birkin Bag.

“My manager just walked in and said cardi sent you something ???? not the birkinnnnnnnn ??? thank you frennn omg I can’t believe you ?????,” Megan captioned her post showing off the bag. “I wonder what I’m gonna get her ??? @iamcardib”

Birkin bags are no stranger in Cardi’s house. Kulture had received one from her daddy on her 2nd Birthday.

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