Google Meets New Feature- Now cast on T.V

In this pandemic, the norm is to stay at home and work from home. As such video conferencing is our go to. And we mostly rely on our Mobiles or P.C for this service. But you know Google has a penchant for going that extra mile. While everyone is still at mobile and P.C, Google meet has launched a new feature. This feature allows you to cast your conferences on T.V, just like those Sci-Fi movies. Google meets new feature: Google Meet on Chromecast makes your group conferencing more hassle free.  It expands your conferencing to your Android T.V or other Google cast devices.

It’s not difficult to access the google meet new feature: Chromecast. You can access it quite easily by using the latest version of google chrome on your desktop or P.C.  Remember your Chromecast needs to be on the latest firmware version.  Google Meet new feature still uses the camera, microphone of your P.C but you will be able to see other members on a much larger screen.  The G suit users have the advantage to have up to 250 participants in the meeting.  Although for education users and business users this will drop to 100 on 30th September. You do know it’s impossible to see all 250 people at the same time, but meets tiled layout allows you to see 16 people at a time. That’s a neat UI, but it would still be cramped on a small screen, hence Google Meets New Feature. This feature allows you to cast before joining the meeting. And obviously you can cast after joining, it’s up to you.

New feature of Google m
Google meets- New feature
How to start Casting?

It’s easy to star casting, all you need to do, click the three dot menu and select cast the meeting.  Then in the cast tab choose the device you want to use, cast enabled Smart T.V or a Smart display. And when you want to stop casting, again click the three dot menu, then choose stop casting this time.

In some months Google Meets has become a priority for google, and therefore the Google meets new features. The service is constantly getting better in order to compete with other conferencing apps like Zoom.

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