Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck issues, no secret in front of Bradley Cooper.

Apparently, Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck have no secrets in front of Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper is a great friend to both actress, Jennifer Garner and her ex- husband Ben Affleck.

Bradley Cooper's Beach day with Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner was co-star with Bradley Cooper in their 2001 series, “Alias”

Jennifer Garner was co-star with Bradley Cooper in their 2001 series, “Alias”. It has been almost two decades that the “Alias’ co stars have been very close. The two let off sparks about them dating recently when the two were spotted on Malibu beach with Cooper’s daughter, Lea De Seine. After Jennifer split with John miller, The rumors about Garner and Cooper took to the air.

Garner split with her ex husband Ben Affleck in 2015. However, Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck  got a divorce officially in 2018. The duo started dating in the year 2004. Consequently, they tied the knot in the following year. The couple has three children together, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

The “A Star is Born” actor is a really good friend to Jennifer Garner. Garner recently disclosed that she is really close to and can share any issue concerning Ben Affleck with friend Bradley Cooper. A source about the actress confirmed,

“He was the first guy she really opened up to. It has been hell for her losing Ben – the father of her three children – when she worked so hard on that marriage, but he was more interested in liquor,”

The source added,

“He was always a bit jealous of Jen and Brad’s connection during their ‘Alias’ time together. They’ve always been at ease with each other, but now it’s deeper, and they’re adorable together,”

It seems, Cooper made Garner realise what went wrong between her and Affleck. Garner also tells Cooper things that she does not even tell her therapist.


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