Pharrell Williams contributes an essay on racism in TIME’s new magazine.

With the ongoing revolts about racism, TIME releases a magazine cover reflecting it. TIME to release a magazine named ,’The New American Revolution’ themed on racism. Pharrell Williams curated the magazine, also wrote an essay on racism. The 47 year old singer, Pharrell Williams wrote on the history of racism and his personal confrontations. His essay was named,”Pharrell Williams: America’s Past and Present Are Racist. We Deserve a Black Future.”

The New American Revolution.

TIME released it’s cover today, i.e., 20 August. The New American Revolution consists of essays and conversations related to past and present of racism. Pharrell Williams took the responsibility to to integrate the best of all to make this project. He penned the conversations of many experts like  Kenya Barris, Angela Davis, Imara Jones, Naomi Osaka, Yara Shahidi and Tyler, the Creator and others. He also curated some essays on racism one of which he composed his own for the  August 31-September 7 issue.

Pharrell Williams: America’s Past and Present Are Racist. We Deserve a Black Future.

Pharrell Williams wrote an essay on racism with it’s history and personal experiences. He also posted the essay along with the story cover photo. “In assembling this project, I asked some of the most qualified people I know in every field – from Angela Davis to Tyler, the Creator, to Representative ­Barbara Lee – to talk with us, and with one another, about the way forward. I wanted to convey a vision of a future filled with the artists, creators and entrepreneurs who can fulfill the promise of this country’s principles.” quoted Williams.

In the essay Pharrell depicted the hardship of a person due to racism. He explained the hurdles and difficulties of an entrepreneur especially due to color. Pharrell is also going to release a song named, “Entrepreneur.” The theme of this song being the inequalities of society. Born in America, he faced the exploitation and also stood against it. He quoted,”I am both the promise of America and a product of its shameful past.”

TIME Magazine:The Cover.

Nneka Jones was hired by art director of TIME, Victor Williams to design the cover. The cover was hand weaved by Jones, a 23 year old artist. She completed the project in 24 hours to meet the deadline. Such an intricate work usually required weeks. She put her soul into it to make it a wonderful design. The cover represented American flag with black color shade. It represented the bright days to come from the dark ones.

Victor Williams appreciated Jones on her perspiration. He said,“Every time she pushes the needle through the canvas, it’s an act of intention that mirrors the marching, the protests, the push to form a more perfect union,” TIME’s Williams says. “It’s deliberate [and painstaking and long and hard]. Each one of those stitches is a single person’s story, a single person’s travails. That’s why we wanted to make the stitches visible.”

Victor Williams said on magazine,“The narrative of American equity and justice we tell the world and tell ourselves is not entirely true. Black people and people of color know there isn’t liberty and justice for all. That’s part of our lived experience. It’s not something we have to think about. It’s not any sort of cognitive exercise. This is life.”



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