Joel Daley Dead: Chicago TV Anchor Died At The Age Of 87

The legendary news anchor of Chicago TV took his last breath on Thursday at the age of 87. He was a bold speaker of all the time and never cared to speak unbiased. Joel Daley Dead left an enormous legacy behind.

His daughter confirms the news on Joel Daley Dead and also explains his medical condition. His health was taking a toll for many days because of vascular Parkinsonism. This is a medical condition that leads to several minor strokes, Kalley said.

The popular anchor was diagnosed with the disease last year and was under treatment since then. But his health condition does not allow him to continue further and Joel Daley Dead on Thursday leaving behind his family and huge fans around the world.

Life of Joel Daley

He was a low graduate from Chicago-Kent College of Law and graduated in the year of 1988. He had quite an interesting journey where in his first case he informed the judge he can’t be unbiased.

Post the incident Joel joined Fahey Flynn, and weatherman John Coleman and sportscaster Bill Frink in Chicago ABC station. But it did not go well and listeners think it was just a happy talk and chitchat.

However, he did not feel bad about it, Joel wrote in his autobiography “The Daily News”. He later continued anchoring for different stations and become a famous anchor not only on Radio but also on Television.

Joel Dailey Was A Great Entertainer

Apart from anchoring Joel Daley was also a great singer and entertained the audience with his singing talent. He sang many days for the famous Sundowners country band.

Joel Daley dead
Joel Daley as a singer

Daley was a great communicator and once he said that whether he is singing or anchoring, it was all source of communication for him. He was equally passionate about both singing and anchoring.

Joel Daley was an amazing personality and a fun person around. He had an amiable relation with all his friends and family.

Joel Daley Dead but he left his great legacy imprint and will be remembered forever.

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