The Billboard Music award is all over the news. The 2020 BMA went well with the stars present in the show. But what made the event remarkable is the John Legend BMA performance.

John is going through a tough time to post her miscarriage. John Legend and his wife were expecting their first child. Was very much excited over the time and all prepared for being parents.

But all shattered in a moment when Chrissy Teigen lost her baby due to excessive blood breakage. It was a painful moment for both John and Chrissy. They lost their first child just a week ago.

Amid the toughest time faced by the couple, John joined the Billboard Music Awards. John Legend BMA was heartfelt and special because he dedicated a song for Chrissy on the stage. He shared about the tough time they are going through and how heartbreaking the feeling is.

But they still going on and trying to move out of the trauma. Being parents is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And losing your baby might be the worst one. John and Chrissy experiencing the exact pain and their sorrow knew no bond.

John Legend BMA performance was heartbreaking because the pain was clearly visible in his voice and his face. Everyone present there were in teary eyes and they supported the star in his tough time.

John sang WE WILL NEVER BREAK on stage with teary eyes and was a heart-wrenching moment for the audience present there.

John Legend BMA


Kelly Clarkson, host of the event praises the star couple and said they are the most inspiring people around her and her heart goes out to them in the toughest time.

She shared the support to the best person and acknowledge John’s presence in the event. And perform the best of the night.

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