Justin Bieber denies rumours he’s becoming a Hillsong Church minister.

There is a piece of recent news that Justin Bieber denies rumors he’s becoming a Hillsong Church minister well Justin Bieber has claimed this fake news on his social media (Instagram ) story. A snapshot has been shared by Justin Bieber that I am not studying minister or anything not even close to that. The pop sensation has denied an article for claiming that he wants to make a minister next year. A six-page article has been published on thirty of December that the Holy Singer studying to become a full-fledged minister For Hillsong church.

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It has been reported from our sources that Justin Biber addressed rumors or we can say fake news on his Instagram handle he also mentioned that I never want to become a minister of the church please do not give your attention to this fake news or rumors Justin Biber also claimed that Hillsong is not my Church and only a member to endorses megachurch Churchome I cleared you that is being a part of Churchome.

Churchome has been attended by Justin Biber last in two thousand fifteen. Justin Bieber is on the god-fearing path and no way to worship entirely differently. Well not in the case of Justin Bieber rumors and spreading fake news in the social media platform which further includes Instagram Facebook Twitter and including WhatsApp it has been made a path or channel by which people defame each other or spread rumors or fake news our advice is to you that do not spread fake rumors and not really on the fake news because it can create a bad image of any personality.

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