Taboo season 2 Has friends scratching their heads as they wonder why he has been so long. The first season of the series was very popular. Telling the story of James Delaney as he navigates the dark side of London in 1814. While the original seasons eight episodes were well thought of more than two years have passed since the last aired. The nature of its ending has left many wondering what exactly will come in season two plot. Additionally, many are wondering how the cast will look after so many years of waiting. Of course, the biggest question on finance minds is when will the second season begin showing?


Taboo season 1

Taboo season 2 for the grass where the stories is going. Since one starts off with the return of James Delaney after 12 years in Africa. On his return he discovers that his father has died and left him nothing. Furthermore, his family’s lands properties titles everything that would be his birthright is gone. All that he has his name are several diamonds he smuggled back into England with him from Africa. He makes it his mission to regain his family’s birthright by seizing control of the India company.

Season one follows his adventures dealing with the dark underworld. This includes everything from politics to gang warfare as well as the dark side of the wealthy versus poor. By the end of season one he has been forced to abandon control of the company and flee the country. He does this by arranging a ship to carry him and his trusted retainers to North America. This is an interesting choice considering that the series is set in 1814, the middle of the war of 1812. So, for Englishmen to be trying to escape to America will be an adventure.

Taboo season 2 Release date

Taboo season 2: everything we know about the release date, plot, and cast.
Taboo season 2 has been teased by the producers since the end of the first season. In fact, they have recently confirmed that another eight episodes will comprise season two. However due to a large number of projects consuming the attention of the writers it has been a slow process. Adding to that fact were the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic which are still ongoing. as a result, no official release date has been confirmed or even a general possibility. The last general possibility that was announced stated hopefully a release sometime in 2018. Unfortunately, due to many factors including the writers and cast commitment to other projects it has been delayed.

Taboo season 2 cast

Taboo season 2 cast hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet for the entirety of the season. That being said James Delaney has been confirmed as returning with Tom Howard reprising the role. As for other returning cast and characters at this time it is unclear. It is quite likely that the characters of Delaney’s closest supporters who escaped with him on the ship will return. Anything else at this time is pure speculation by the fans.

Taboo season 2 plot

Taboo season 2 plot will most likely pick up immediately after the end of season one. Due to the machinations of the East India trading Company James Delaney and his compatriots were forced to flee England. Their final destination being the Americans, whether this is the United States or one of the Caribbean colonies is unclear. What is clear is that eventually series will reach the New World. However, it is also stated that there first stop will not be North America. Instead, the ship will stop at a collection of Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, beyond that there is very little known about the fine details of the upcoming season. At this point, the field is open for speculation from fans on every possibility.