Surviving death Netflix Release date: Exploring afterlife and near-death experiences

Surviving death Netflix Release date:

Netflix is known for its documentaries. These days this streaming site with millions of subscribers seems to be expanding its genre. After covering many stories based on various phenomena. Now we are here to explore the afterlife and a near-death experience with Netflix, when? So let’s see surviving death Netflix Release date and other details about this unique documentary.

Surviving Death is all ready to hit your screen on the 6th of January 2021 ET. So, Are you ready to explore the afterlife with Netflix. See what this documentary is all about.

More about Surviving Death – Exploring Afterlife and near-death experiences:

What all this hype about this series. Who doesn’t want to know about their experience after death. Or from people who survived near deaths. So, this 6 part series will explore such experiences. In the early part of the series it will cover more about Near-death experience, then afterlife, and later can we win over our death? Will be the topic of discussion. So don’t forget to survive the death Netflix release date to explore more about this unique concept.
This series will feature real interviews who have experienced all this. So we are definitely getting some expert talk here. And it is based on a book of the same name.

Surviving death-  Trailer :

This week, Netflix launched Surviving death Trailer. And this 2 minutes trailer sure does explain why everyone is so interested in this series.

Watch surviving death Trailer Here 

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Audience Response on Surviving death: Exploring Afterlife:

The concept of Afterlife is debated. Some firmly believe in it and some are not. It is important to see how people will react to the documentary itself. But here we are talking about the personal experience of a real person so it’s worth exploring a whole new spectrum.  However, we totally recommend watching it just for its concept.

Surviving death Netflix Release date
Surviving death Netflix Release date


As a concept, we can definitely say this is something very unique. But Then comes things like science and logic. This is just beyond any expectations. However, there are several instances in history when kids remember their past life and someone in a coma for years experiences the afterlife. Altogether The whole concept is so interesting that makes us wanna watch this documentary.

So don’t forget the Surviving death Netflix release date i.e, 6th January. And really do share your views with us.