SpaceX’s Starship SN9 Prototype starts its Engines for the very first time.

Starship SN9 prototype:

Starships SN9 prototype starts its Engines for the very first time. It’s all 3 engines ignited for 1 second. This is the routine checkup for flights as they are being made to take humans to the moon. This test took place at SpaceX, south Texas near the village of Boca Chica. This routine testing is necessary for any vehicle and especially space one. If everything goes well as planned it will take off soon.
To know more about Starship and how will it work? Will it able to take humans to the moon or Mars read further.

SpaceX’s starship :

As mentioned earlier they are meant for space flights. Technology is really on great heights here. This is Elon musk’s dream project. He even got criticized for this several times. As some people can’t believe there will be a success for this. Musk has invested billions of dollars in this project and seems to have faith in his idea.

Starship SN9 prototype start its engine for the first time
Starship SN9 prototype starts its engine for the first time

SpaceX really looking like a fruitful approach though because testing and trials of starships are going well till now. If everything is sorted as planned SpaceX will TestFlight this starship soon.


SN8 ( serial number 8) is also a starship prototype but with minor flaws. THE Starship SN9 prototype is a more advanced version of the starship. Because while testing SN8 it fired up badly. However, That was also considered a successful attempt by musk as it proved its point to a certain extent. Now this advanced starship has passed the 1-second test. It will be really interesting to see how the test flight will do.

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  • Starship SN9 prototype starts its engine for the first time And all 3 engines got lit for about 1 second.
  • It was another successful attempt after SN8 Failed in some aspects.
  • Soon there will be test flights for this starship.
  • It is meant for long-distance flights, and when we say long it is to take humans to the moon and Mars.
  • This is Elon Musk’s dream project.

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