Cautious Hero Season 2: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious; Release Date, New Updates, trailer and much more; ‘Spoilers Alert’

Cautious Hero Season 2 is what anime fans are looking forward to watching again. The series’ title is actually Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. It is quite long so fans just call it Cautious Hero for short.

The first season of the series just ended in December 2019, but the fans cannot wait for another season to be released. What’s the rush all about? Let’s find out!

Cautious Hero Season 2 belongs to the fantasy, adventure, comedy, and isekai genre. The viewers of the show are mostly male, but the story and characters caught the attention of female viewers.

It is a Japanese light novel series and adapted both in manga and anime television series. Light Tuchichi is the writer for the light novel and manga series. Likewise, White Fox adapted the anime TV series with Kenta Ihara as the writer and Masayuki Sakoi as the director. The first season of Cautious Hero Season 2 premiered last year with 12 episodes.

Series Background

When the world is in danger, the gods and the goddesses have no choice but to call for the most powerful heroes. They will fight for the people and to save the world from chaotic destruction from its enemies.

Gaeabrande is an S-Class world and extremely in danger.  And Ristarte is responsible for saving Gaeabrande by finding a human Hero to fight against its enemies. This brings her to Seiya Ryuguin who has powered more than anyone else. However, after sometime Ristarte found out that Seiya is extremely cautious of everything including her. He even refused to enter Gaeabrande’s safest area. Seiya would only enter after he has trained and reached a comfortable level which made Ristarte crazy! Unexpectedly, when both of them were Gaeabrande World, Seiya proves that his cautiousness is worth it.

Will there be a Season 2 of Cautious Hero?

Since the ending of Cautious Hero season 1 has left the fans hanging, they are curious if there will be Cautious Hero Season 2.

Based on the light novel series, it has already released 8 volumes. It means there is enough plot for season 2, and it’s even possible for season 3. Moreover, its popularity in Japan might inspires the producers to release Cautious Hero Season 2. However, there is no official statement yet from the creators or studio.

Release Date:

Considering the trend in the anime world, one season usually takes 1 year to animate at least 12 episode series. This will give them even more time to complete work on the post-production things like the production line and schedule. Furthermore, the pandemic gave everyone difficulty working normally.

That is why if we try to calculate it is safe to say that Cautious Hero Season 2 will be released at least last quarter of 2021 or early 2022. But of course, we still have to wait for the official announcement from the people behind the show.

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Is Cautious Hero Done?

To show the possible story in Season 2

The last episode of Cautious Hero Season 1 showed how Ristarte and Seiya battled against Demon Lord. In order to succeed, they have to break some rules such as Ristarte using her full power to save Seiya.

In Cautious Hero Season 2, Ristarte will receive the consequence of her action even if Seiya and her win in saving Gaeabrande from their main enemy. She will be stripped of all her position and goddess powers. Moreover, she will have to save another world. Maybe, it would be Lxphoria, which was mentioned in Season 1-episode 3.

Likewise, we can expect that the story will show the past of Ristarte and Seiya. It will also reveal why Seiya is extremely cautious. There is more to expect in Cautious Hero Season 2, but I do not want to ruin your excitement by giving many spoilers. So, be more patient.

Cautious Hero Season 2: Trailer

As of now, there aren’t any updates yet about the Cautious Hero Season 2 trailer nor there is any expected release date for the trailer. This is understandable because it’s been just over a couple of years since the release of the last season. However, keep yourself posted and we’ll keep you updated in case the trailer is out.

Cautious Hero Season 2 Characters

The characters in the series have left a remarkable role in the series in which fans really love. For the upcoming Cautious Hero Season 2, we can expect that they will return to reveal their past life. Let’s get to know some of them.

Everything about Seiya Ryuuguuin

He is the main character in the light novel, manga, and anime series Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious. Likewise, he truly represents the title of the series, for he is really cautious of everything. And he is into perfection before going into battle. But his being cautious has proven its importance because it saved them many times.

How old is Seiya in Cautious Hero

Physically, he is 6’0” feet tall, very tall for a Japanese man. He features emo characteristics because of his black eye, black spiky hair, and cold attitude. However, despite having a mature appearance, Seiya is just 17 years old. And his age does not define his power.

Does Seiya Die in Cautious Hero?

His past life reveals that he died. But when Ristarte summoned him to save Gaeabrande, no one among the enemies he encountered had defeated him yet. Besides, he will still have to save other worlds in Cautious Hero Season 2.


She is originally a human being but reincarnated as the ‘goddess of healing. In which she can heal someone from a near-death state. In addition, she can scan the stat of her opponent, and use her  ‘Megamic Power’ to scan people’s abilities. Although she is immortal and difficult to defeat, she is still weak compared to other gods.

She is responsible for finding Seiya to save the S-rank world, Gaearbrande. She fell in love with him the first time they met because of his appearance. But Seiya’s cautiousness annoys her a lot.



She is the ‘goddess of the seal’ and has saved several worlds. Moreover, she knows Ristarte and Seiya from a previous world and life. Likewise, Ristarte always seeks her advice and acts as her big sister. She also helps Seiya in finding someone to train him.

Cautious Hero Reviews:

Why do viewers want Cautious hero Season 2 to release so badly? The answer to this question is present in its review which says a lot about the show in general. To be fair the series has both positive and negative feedback.

On a positive note, Cautious Hero is an isekai show that has a unique and relatable story. Likewise, it is one of the funniest anime in 2019. Furthermore, the characters are designed uniquely with great development in the story.  At the same time, it has shown a variety of humor styles with a worthwhile plot twist. The show also had an impressive ending that viewers want to see the second season come out at the soonest possible time.

On the other hand, viewers thought that the art and animation of the series are just okay. And some compare the series as similar to Konosuba. Although the title says Cautious Hero, some say it’s overly drawn. Besides, it is a bit cheesy and has a lot of fan service.

Having all those reviews whether you agree or disagree, Cautious Hero Season 2 is still worth watching.

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