One Punch Man Season 3 release date, spoilers and where to watch

One Punch Man Season 3 is one of the most anticipated anime series. Written by Tomohiro Suzuki, will the manga adaptation see a Season 3 premiere this year? As questions arise and anticipation for the new season becomes tense, fans can’t wait to know about the future of the series. Read on to know more about the series and the future of the One Punch Man franchise.

As much as anime is loved, we cannot deny the fact that anime is taking over the world slowly but surely. Among the many likes of well-loved anime series like One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter and the many others that are being released each year, One Punch Man also sits among the top. The series has a huge following and very devoted fans as they wait for the release of Season 3.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a Japanese action series created by the artist ONE. It follows the story of Saitama. A superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. But he seeks to find a worthy opponent after growing bored by a lack of challenge because of his overwhelming strength. The manga is illustrated by Yusuke Murata, and its chapters are periodically compiled and published into individual tankobon volumes. As of January 2021, 23 volumes have been released.

The anime adaptation of the manga is produced by Madhouse. It was first broadcasted in Japan from October to December 2015. A second season, produced by J.C. Staff, was broadcasted from April to July 2019. And as of June 2012, the original webcomic surpassed 7.9 million hits. Furthermore, as of April 2020, the manga remake sold over 30 million copies.

One Punch Man Season 3

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One Punch Man Season 3 release date

The series is a highly anticipated anime series. And fans have been waiting for a long time since Season 2 dropped its finale in July 2019. But what seems to be the case is that the series is likely to take some time as Season 2 did. The gap spanned around four years between the first and the second season. Season 1 was duly released in October 2015, and Season 2 in April 2019. Judging by this gap, Season 3 is likely to take a good amount of time. But with more time, creators can work on the project at ease and make the series as delicate and memorable as the last one.

There has been no official statement of renewal from the creators. But the official One Punch Man Twitter account has mentioned that the story does not end with Season 2. This news comes as a string of hope for the fans as they wait for an official renewal. And as for the expected release date of One Punch Man Season 3, there are presumptions that the show might air later this year or early next year. With the amount of popularity that One Punch Man has, fans shouldn’t be too worried about a next season.

Spoiler Alert!!!

What to expect in Season 3

Season 3 is likely to follow closely along the theme of the two previous seasons. With more action-packed sequences and fighting scenes. We can also expect to see Garou as the villain in Season 3. If Garou decides to take the beast pill, he will serve as a worthy opponent for Saitama. This means that Garou will be getting more screentime. S Class heroes like Atomic Samurai, Flashy Flash, and Zombieman will also be facing new monsters. In addition to the fight scenes, One Punch Man Season 3 will not be losing its trademark sense of humor.

One Punch Man Season 3

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Cast for Season 3

  • Makoto Furukawa as Saitama
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Garou
  • Aoi Yuuki as Tatsumaki
  • Yuuichi Nakamura as Mumen Rider

Production Team

  • Director – Chikara Sakurai
  • Producer – Nobuyuki Hosoya
  • Sound Director – Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Storyboard – Yoshitomo Yonetani

Where to watch One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man has become one of the most popular anime series over the years. And with its release on Netflix, the series has been getting more attention. With the official release of the second season on the streaming platform, the series has garnered more attention and love from viewers. Fans can also expect to watch Season 3 on Netflix upon its release. Apart from Netflix, you can also stream the series on Crunchyroll. For more updates and info on the series, keep checking websites. And stay tuned for trailers and upcoming official statements from the creators.

Some FAQs about One Punch Man Season 3

  • Is One Punch Man Season 3 out?

No, One Punch Man Season 3 is definitely not out yet. But with all the information that we have so far, we can expect its premiere later this year. Or probably in the early 2022. And as the creators have confirmed that Season 2 was not the end of the series, we can definitely look forward for a third season.

  • How many episodes will One Punch Man Season 3 have?

One Punch Man Season 3 is also likely to have 12 episodes. Just like the first two initial seasons, Season 3 might also work with 12 episodes. But with no information from the creators we can also expect a surprise number of episodes.

  • Is Blast actually Saitama?

Blast is the S-class rank 1 hero in One Punch Man. His appearance hasn’t been disclosed both in the manga and the anime as well. Although he seems similar to Saitama, we can never be too sure because his identity hasn’t been made clear. In addition to this, there’s also the fact that Saitama is bald and Blast is presumed to have a head full of hair. We have no answers about this but season 3 might give us more hints or the creators might even bring in Blast in the third season.

One Punch Man Season 3

To get more updates about the series, fans can go pick up the manga version to see what they missed and what to expect in the third season of the series. Stay tuned for further updates and information on the One Punch Man Season 3 release.