Amber Marshall opens up abput the heartbreaking season opener of Heartland

Amber Marshall got a call about two years ago. It was from Graham Wardle, who contributed for 14 years in the CBC show- Heartland. Graham gave an unsettling piece of news to Amber Marshall. He had decided to leave the show.

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Amber Marshall shared that Graham wanted to inform her before he shared the news with anyone else. Marshall and Wardle have a close bond, and they have been friends for several years since the beginning of the show. So, it is obvious for Marshall to feel hurt. She said that she took the time to process the news. Amber Marshall appreciates the journey, and at the same time, she also feels that no-one should stand in someone’s way to go after what they desire.

Amber Marshall talks about the heartbreaking season opener of Heartland
Amber Marshall remembers the time when she received a call from Graham Wardle about his exit.

Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle’s journey

Amber Marshall was informed before the producers and writers of the show. And she also knew that the writers will have to write a satisfying plot for Graham’s role, Ty, to leave the show. It was an uneasy task, and he left the show in a typical and dramatic way. Fans know very well that Amber’s character- Amy Fleming and Graham’s Ty shares a very deep and special bond with Heartland. They are the soul of Heartland. Fans have seen their relation making progress from teen love to wedding and then parenthood. They also went through a separation and then Ty’s sudden path to Mongolia is also memorable.

Therefore, fans are still healing from the shocks of 14th season. It is even more shocking and heartbreaking to see Ty saying goodbye to Heartland. He suddenly collapses within a few minutes and dies. The cause of his death is said to be complications from the gunshots that he previously survived. Ty suffered a gunshot in 13th season.

Amber Marshall appreciated the strong, heartbreaking and emotional response from the fans of Heartland. Marshall said that she knows people don’t want to see this side of the story and that people are going to be heartbroken and devastated. But the journey is important for the fans and death affects all of us at least once in our lives. The reason for Graham’s exit had been unclear.