Nancy MOMOLAND Becomes Victim In Circulation Of Illegally Manipulated Photos + Agency To Take Legal Action

Nancy MOMOLAND is the new target of manipulated pictures. The illegal photos are all over the shared internet. For those unaware, South Korean girls formed MOMOLAND, and MLD Entertainment established it. Nancy is one of its original members. Nancy MOMOLAND is changing in those pictures. Those pictures had been manipulated and doctored. They are going to sue and take the legal action against the culprit.

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Nancy MOMOLAND and MLD Entertainment’s statement

MLD Entertainment also said that online photos of MOMOLAND’s Nancy are illegally manipulated and that Nancy is the target of photoshop. The agency also said that Nancy needs to be protected. So, they need everyone to understand the situation and cooperate. They will take stringent against the person who initially shared the photos. The agency will look for the officials to file a court case on the charges of sexual harassment. Nancy MOMOLAND will go for civil and criminal court cases to get justice.

The company informed that they will be looking after the situation and will monitor it closely. They released the official statements and revealed their future action. MLD Entertainment is confident that they will find the culprit. The agency also informed the public about Nancy’s situation. She is going through a tough time, emotionally. The company will also act against those who were part of this online scam and harassment. MLD Entertainment is willing to protect their artist from harmful events like this. They also offered gratitude because the followers sent prayers and cooperation.

Nancy MOMOLAND becomes target of manipulated photos
Nancy MOMOLAND becomes victim of illegal photos shared online.

Some fans predicted that it is someone from staff of Nancy MOMOLAND. Because they remain close to her all the time. Nancy is suffering from a great deal of heartache, and fans hope that whoever is responsible for the act, get caught. Everyone hopes that Nancy gets the strength to go through a tough time.