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Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom. The show came from the creative minds of Jareed Keeso and Jacob Tierney. They also happen to be the actors of the show. The series was first shown on Youtube as a web series titled ‘Letterkenny Problems.’ But when Crave adapted Letterkenny in March 2015, the Television series premiered in February 2016. It has already released 8 seasons with a total of 54 episodes. Likewise, the show has received numerous awards as Best Comedy Series from different award-giving bodies.

Letterkenny has captured the interest of the viewers because of its comedy and how the story developed among the characters. Recently, fans have been making noise on the social as to when will be the release of Letterkenny Season 9. Here’s some of the information about Letterkenny Season 9.

Is the Show Cancelled?

The answer is clearly No. Last June 2020, the creators of the show announced that the series was renewed for its 9th season. However, they haven’t started filming the show yet because of health standards that need to be followed. This has been giving many hindrances to the production to continue their previous plans about their shooting schedule.

Bell Media, one of the production companies, revealed the following about the renewal of the series. “The multiple award-winning and international sensation Crave original series, LETTERKENNY, returns for its much anticipated ninth season. Starring Jared Keeso and produced by New Metric Media, the half-hour, small-town rivals.”

He also mentioned that there won’t be many changes in the production line of the show as well as the main characters.

Will Letterkenny have a 9th season?

Letterkenny season 2


Absolutely Yes! Since the creators already renewed the show, it is already a positive sign that Letterkenny Season 9 is on its way. Moreover, Jarred Keeso confirmed that the show has a total of 70 episodes. It means that there would be Letterkenny Season 9 and possibly season 10. Also, each season covers six or seven episodes, so it would be easy for the producers to film the show. However, the creators of the show did not confirm any specific date yet about its release.

If ever they start filming the series at least by the end of this year, then most probably the release would be mid-2021. However, this pandemic that we are facing now is unpredictable. So let’s hope everything gets better.

What will happen in Season 9? The Plot

“There are 5000 people in Letterkenny. These are their problems.” This is how the show normally starts. The Letterkenny series follows the story of a small rural community in Ontario, Canada. The people are divided into three groups: Hicks, Skids, and Hockey. First, Hicks consists of farmers. Second, the Skids are the junkies and drug addicts of the town. And the last group, Hockey, belongs to the ice hockey players. In the previous season, we saw how these groups had their fights and win against each other.

Likewise, it is about the siblings, Katy and Wayne. They are farmers and focused on a small farm. Moreover, we can also see the relationship between Reilly and Jonesy and the relationship of ice hockey players to Katy.

For Letterkenny Season9, there might be a more mature set of people. They would still be fighting among themselves. And we will see how they will solve each problem that they face. The rest of the story is in the hands of the writers whether they want us to see them fight or give more twists.

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Who will be the cast of Letterkenny Season 9?

Letterkenny season 2


Well, there won’t be many changes about the cast is Letterkenny Season9 as observed in the previous seasons. Although some characters left the show, most of the main characters remained. But maybe some characters will come back or new character will enter. For now, here are the favorite characters for Letterkenny Season 9.

The Hicks:

This is a group of farmers. Anyone who refers to himself in the agriculture area in Letterkenny is a part of the group. Also, the main characters of the show are:

  • Jareed Keeso as Wayne
  • Nathan Dales as Dary
  • Michelle Mylette as Katy
  • Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan

Hockey Players

Ice hockey is already a part of Canadian culture and the hockey players in Letterkenny represent their interest in the game. There are some ice hockey teams in the show but the most famous in the group are:

  • Dylan Playfair as Reilly
  • Andrew Herr as Jonesy

The Skids:

They are the misfits in Letterkenny because they spent most of their time making, selling, and using drugs in their basement. Their usual looks are influenced by emo. They wear dark clothes, black makeup, heavy jewelry, pale skin and shows hatred to the society. They are:

  • Tyler Johnston as Stewart
  • Alexander De Jordy as Devon
  • Evan Stern as Roald
  • Sarah Gadon as Gae

What Happened to Devon from Letterkenny?

One of the most loved supporting actors in Letterkenny is Devon. But his character suddenly disappeared before season 3.

Devon is Stewart’s right-hand man in the skids. When Stewart gets into a romantic relationship with Katy, Devon briefly takes over at the skid’s leader, but Stewart wins the position back.

Devon disappeared sometime after St. Patrick’s Day without notice or explanation leaving Stewart and Roald’s conflict. Stewart destroyed the handful of possessions he left behind the basement. They assume at first that the masked figure in a clown costume is Devon, but startled to discover that it is a girl (gae).

Fans have been hoping for Devon to at least return in the previous seasons, but not even a special appearance happened.

While everyone is curious why he left the show, many are still hoping that he will come back for the upcoming Letterkenny Season 9. Especially that he played an effective role with a sense of humor in the first two seasons.

What Does Crush a Sando mean?

Letterkenny Season 9 would be the best show to learn some Canadian idioms and slangs. In the previous seasons, the cast has used a lot of slangs that challenge its viewers to really understand the lines each character utters. I bet you’re one of them! Let’s dig further about the famous slangs used in the show.

Crush a Sando

Crush refers to eating hungrily and Sando means Sandwich. Thus, the phrase “catch a Sando” simply means’ eat a sandwich’. So, the next time you’re hungry, you can ‘Crush a Sando’ with your friends.

Pitter Patter

We often hear this from Wayne and his farming friends. They often say “pitter-patter, let’s get at’er. This phrase simply means, stop that nonsense and continue working or let’s go!


Hockey players and best friends Reilly and Jonesy always use this word. “Ferda” is just a short form of “for the boys.” It does not literally refer to the male gender instead it refers to the hockey. In which actions should benefit the team more than you.

Donkey Juice

Well, there really isn’t juice from the donkey. Drinking ‘Donkey Juice’ simply means a mixture of whatever alcohols that is available. This will easily make them drunk as quickly as possible.


Oh, don’t be scared. It’s not what you’re thinking like a military sniper in war or killer. Sniper in Letterkenny means ‘Pretty girl’ or a ‘goal scorer.’ For example, a sniper is sitting next to my sister, or you were a sniper in today’s game.

So the next time you talk to your friends why don’t you try to use the slangs mentioned above to make your conversation a little fun.

Well, this is it for now, and let’s hope for Letterkenny Season 9 to be released the soonest possible time.

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