‘Tekken 7 Tier List’ Ranking of Tekken 7 Characters from best to worst [List Updated]

Tekken 7 tier list will definitely aid your choice character selection. It is a fighting game with massive popularity. It comes in a series and was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The 7 attached to the name- Tekken refers to the series. It is currently in its ninth installment in the Tekken series.

Which is the best player in Tekken 7 Tier List?

Tier List


S Tier: Best Tekken 7 Tier List

Steve, Hwoarang
A Tier Marshall Law, King, Bryan, Kazuya
B Tier Heihachi, Devil Jin, Xiaoyu, Dragunov, Feng, Bob, Kazumi, Akuma, Nina
C Tier Paul, Leo, Alisa, Lars, Shaheen, Jin, Lili, Yoshimitsu, Claudio
D Tier JACK-7, Josie
F Tier Asuka, Lucky, Gigas
  • S-Tier = The Best
  • F-Tier = The Weakest
  • Tekken 7 was first released on 18th March 2015 and is available to play on different consoles such as PlayStation 4, Arcade Game Machines, Xbox One, and PC. the ‘7’ affixed to the name Tekken indicates the series.

Who is the strongest character in Tekken 7?

  • Akuma

  • Capcom clearly wanted Akuma Tekken to face out compared to the characters and made him arguably the strongest character. His ability to form powerful attacks with minimal damage contributes to his powerful offense.

What are the Tekken 7 ranks? |TEKKEN 7 TIER LIST [Updated]

The game has as many as 48 characters whom are all skilled in various martial art styles. New players may be intimidated by the vast display of fighters to choose from. But there is no need to worry because I have below a Tekken 7 Tier List particularly compiled for you. Even though the choice of character is important, nonetheless, player skill is also very important. Therefore, in combat games, even though you may choose high-tier characters, it does not always guarantee an easy victory. However, top-tier characters often have a special skill- set that gives them an edge over others.

My character ranking is based on strengths and weaknesses, attacking style, and other criteria. Beginning from the S tier which is the best down to the D tier which is the worst, the characters have been ranked as follows.

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S TIER [Tekken 7 Tier List]

The Tekken 7 tier list begins with the S tier. The power rating of characters has invariably determined my selection. My selection is as follows:

  • Devil Jin 
  • Jin
  • Paul
  • Xiaoyu
  • Dragunov
  • King
  • Feng
  • Jack 7
  • Lili
  • Kazuya
  • Leo
  • Noctis

tekken s tier list



A TIER [Tekken 7 Tier List]

Next on the Tekken 7 tier list, is the A tier. Those who made it on this list are as follows:

  • Claudio
  • Katarina
  • Bryan
  • Josie
  • Law
  • Armor King
  • Geese
  • Kazumi
  • Lar
  • Steve

tekken tier a

B TIER [Tekken 7 Tier List]

Next to the A tier on the Tekken 7 tier list is the B tier.

  • Heihachi
  • Lei
  • Bob
  • Shaheen
  • Alisa
  • Master Raven
  • Panda
  • Craig Marduk

tekken tier b

C TIER [Tekken 7 Tier List]

Immediately after the B tier on the Tekken 7 tier list is the C tier.

  • Asuka
  • Miguel
  • Hwoarang
  • Lee
  • Lucky Chloe
  • Edd
  • Yoshimitsu

tekken tier c

D TIER [Tekken 7 Tier List]

Finally, on my Tekken 7 tier list is the D tier. At the bottom of my ranking is the D tier. Characters here are quite simple such that anyone can literally choose one and play. Even without learning the fundamental skills, you can make use of D-tier characters. Needless to say, the characters here are also great fighters. They also possess powerful combos that beginners can learn and use easily. Therefore, success ultimately comes from the ability of players to control the various skills of the characters effectively.

  • Eliza
  • Akuma
  • Anna

tekken tier d


Engaging Cinematic Story: the captivating cinematic story has been perfectly infused into deadly battles.

Variety of Fighters: you can select from a long list of deadly fighters both old and new. These fighters have vast skills that you can manipulate to achieve deadly results. Therefore, you can learn and use various deadly martial art techniques, vicious moves, and combos to get a victory.

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New Attack Techniques in Tekken 7 Tire…[Hacked]

New and deadly attacks have been introduced in Tekken 7 for a better gaming experience. These styles are available for both old and new players. Your use of these new techniques boils down to the ability to learn and employ them, and not necessarily on my Tekken 7 tier list. These new techniques include:

    • Rage Art: This is a deadly move peculiar to each character. It is only accessible while in Rage Mode, hence, it deactivates until the next round. When the attack hits an opponent, it causes about 30% damage although this is based on the character.
    • Screw hits: This hit involves long, and very damaging combos. Screw hits cause the opponent’s animation to be distorted thereby flinging them into an aerial tailspin as they drop to the ground.
  • Power Crush: This is an attack that can crush an enemy hit with the Mid or High property while you continue with your own attack.

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Ratings like these are usually subjective. However, they will still provide you with a fair idea of each character’s ranking. Our Tekken 7 tier list is intended to serve as a useful guide. As stated earlier, your skill is usually a deciding factor in most combat games.

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