Outbreak Company Season 2 Estimated Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Outbreak Company Season 2: Estimated Premiere Date, Characters, Plot

Outbreak Company is an anime series that covers themes like social norms and discrimination, and Outbreak Company season 2 may be on its way. The show also comically portrays the responsibilities of an Otaku. Ichiro Sakaki created the light novel series Outbreak Company is based on, and although it isn’t a drama, there is plenty of tension. Elves and dwarves spark plenty of rivalries, and the contrasting views of Japanese culture start much of a debate. While a human being sent to a different realm is not exactly unique, Outbreak Company is a pleasing show that slows down and focuses on more of a cultural approach to the theme of different races.

Anyone can have fun with this casual show, full of a silly, calm story. The plot isn’t the most engaging of tales and is far from delving sort into what it creates as a premise. Outbreak Company focuses more on crafting a parody than an existing venture into a fantasy world. What are they parodying exactly? The show creates a vivid parody of the Otaku culture. References in this anime ring true for many otakus around the world, spanning from popular nods to niche allusions. Outbreak Company bears consistency that endures throughout the episodes. If you get hooked on Outbreak Company, you will surely be hooked to the very end. Additionally, the anime bears an inspirational message of following dreams and self-acceptance. This above-average anime offers a delightful experience to viewers and just might surprise them. It’s no wonder fans really want an Outbreak Company season 2.

When will Outbreak Company Season 2 be release?

outbreak company season 2

Outbreak Company’s first season was released on October 4, 2013. The show ended in December 2013. Written quite loyally to the manga, the show hesitantly made its debut in the shadow of an already impressive manga series. In fact, the manga was so popular and successful that the creators neglected the production of the show in order to produce more manga overall, and nearly didn’t want the anime to exist. The show’s commercial success landed as average in the end, not retaining classic status like many other anime before it.

Taking into consideration the anime trends of today, Ecchi and Harem comedy anime is well-viewed, and thus, well-received even today. Usually, the second seasons of an anime require a lower budget than the first season. Unfortunately, this price is the problem. If the anime were more popular, perhaps we would see another season. However, the anime was graded as average at best. The show was received far from exceptionally, and if an Outbreak Company season 2 were to release, it would be very unexpected.

The best guess for a season 2 release date, if it were to occur, would be 2023. If that ever does come to pass, this section will be updated.

Where can I watch Outbreak Company Season 1 and Outbreak Company Season 2?

outbreak company season 2

Anime lovers can stream Outbreak Company on places like Crunchyroll, HiDive, Hulu, and other sites. Additionally, it can also be streamed on sites like KissAnime or others. These sites host the Japanese audio versions with English subtitles and the English dub versions.

Outbreak Company: Season 1 in Review

Outbreak Company’s main character is named Shinichi Kanou, who is a complete shut-in. He spends all of his time reading manga, watching anime, and seeking escapism through the video game world. To most people, Shinichi is an Otaku, a person who shuts himself indoors and binges on Japanese pop culture. However, his lack of a social life bothers him. Eventually, he seeks to escape this escapism life he has rutted out for himself and break free. This is the moment when he starts applying for jobs, with the hope that he will be hired. A job for Shinichi would be the perfect reason to leave his home every day.

However, in a random turn of events, Shinichi is kidnapped and taken to the Eldant Empire. This Empire serves as an entirely different magical world, with creatures like Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons. In a strange land far from home, Shinichi gets the escape he has always dreamed of. However, this life is not as pleasant as it seems. He is outfitted to be an Otaku missionary to the people of this realm, as an expert in Otaku culture. Shinichi acts out the habits he wished to escape: total escapism in a fantasy world. A half-elf maid named Myucel and a princess named Petralka join him. The bunch of three face obstacles that range from social issues to politics, and ethnic discrimination. However, they overcome it all through the need to promote Otaku Culture in this new holy land.

Outbreak Company Characters:

outbreak company season 2

Petralka Anne Eldante III

Petralka is the main character of the series and is the Princess of Eldant. She has blue hair, green eyes, and a petite form. She lashes out at anyone who calls her childish. Petralka veils her insecurity and is often jealous of other girls with more mature-looking bodies.

Myucel Foaran

Another main character, Myucel is Chinichi’s maid of the Holy Lands. As a half-elf, she is very friendly towards all creatures, and instantly becomes friends with Shinichi. During his stay in the empire, Shinichi attempts to teach her Japanese. Myucel trains to be a powerful mage under the Empire’s military.

Shinichi Kanou

Shinichi actively absorbs Otaku culture and stands as the protagonist of our story. His parents both write light novels. From a young age, Shinichi learned all the hardships of being an Otaku, due to his girlfriend rejecting him. The rejection disappointed Shinichi so much that he dropped out of school and became a NEET. His parents give him a choice between getting disowned or getting back into school. His obsession with Otaku culture causes his aggression. Shinichi’s attitude overall reflects that of an invader more than a missionary.

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