Kamala Harris, A Votebank? | Indian Votes of Kamala Harris 

Kamala Harris entering as the VP for the run to the white house is arguable. Talks on CNN Claim her to be a beacon of hope to Hispanic and Afro-Americans Disembarking her Indian heritage.

As the campaign moves forward we can see a progressing mentality. Which is yet uncommon. The Ideals of conservative catholic Christians makes them a Loyal Republican. As the personality of Donald Trump embarks white supremacy and Non-Hispanic white population is 63% in the US.

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Kamala Harris does not stand a chance except her vote bank in California. Hispanics and Africans have around 29% of the US population. Kamala Harris can be considered a worthy opponent to Donald Trump. Her approach for the middle-income sections of the US that holds about 52% which makes her a worthy successor to Bernie Sanders even overshadowing Joe Biden.


Indian Votes of Kamala Harris

Indian Votes of Kamala Harris 

As Donald Trump has some Legitimate affection towards the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi, and taking in mind the similarities and Pro-Nationalist Ideologies which makes them both natural allies will have a slight effect over the polarization of Indian Votes as Kamala stands for the US first with more focus to middle Income Indo-American Population the graph will be more leaning towards Democrats.

Hispanic Votes

The ethnicity of Kamala plays a greater role of vote grabbing. Her Pro-American Ideology identifying the other sections too as the country is made as such. She has more appeal to those sections of the American population as she says.

“I believe our country wants and needs some leadership that provides a vision of the country in which everyone could see themselves” – Kamala Harris.

That slogan enchants to self-development and policies for every individual’s development.

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Kamala Harris on Immigration

She has been a long supporter of migration. That challenges Joe Biden’s Pro-Legal Immigration policy. She supports the fact that those who have migrated Illegally shall avail refuge to counter the prosecution.

Overall Kamala is the perfect vote magnet for Joe.

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